Although the Grand Canyon isn?t the deepest or the longest canyon in the world, it is one of the most beautiful. It is roughly 277 miles long, one mile deep, and 10 miles wide. However, crossing the canyon on foot is a 21-mile hike and driving across takes five hours as you travel a 251-mile path.

People travel from all over to see the Grand Canyon. Travelers register months in advance for the chance to hike down the Canyon or raft the Colorado River. The Colorado River is believed to have cut through the rock of the canyon roughly five million years ago. The different layers of color that make up the walls of the Grand Canyon are picture perfect.

There are some Colorado River rafting tours available for those that want to travel through the Canyon. The River is ideal for white water rafting or kayaking, which is grown considerably in popularity over the last few years. With the right rafting guide, your trip can be safe and fun. You can experience the best in whitewater rafting while enjoying the natural beauty around you.

A Grand Canyon rafting trip would have to be booked well in advance as only so many rafts can go down the river on a given day. There are several companies that offer rafting trips. White water rafting is great for people looking for adventure. It is very fast moving and will get you adrenaline rushing.

Rafting is a great workout. The average person weighing around 155 pounds can burn over 350 calories white water rafting. Meanwhile, an 180-pound person can burn over 400 calories rafting. It provides both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. When deciding to raft or hike through the Grand Canyon, you should start preparing yourself for the physical nature of the adventure.

Over 77% of people in the United States think outdoor recreation is an essential part of life. This belief is reflected in the millions of people that participate in camping, hiking, and kayaking each year. For those that enjoy outdoor adventures, the Grand Canyon is always a bucket list item.

Participating in a Grand Canyon rafting trip is something everyone has to try once because there is nothing else in the world like it. While there are plenty of places you can go white water rafting, there is only one Grand Canyon. What better way to see it than from the bottom looking up at its beautiful rock walls.

If you have the opportunity to go white water rafting in the Grand Canyon, take it. A Grand Canyon rafting trip may just be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you.

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