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As much fun as horseback riding is, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s also an athletic activity that requires the right riding clothes to protect your children and keep them comfortable. Thankfully, riding clothes aren’t as expensive as they are important, nor is appropriate horseback riding gear hard to find.

If your children are just starting out, you’ll only need some everyday riding clothes, which is different from horse show attire. Horse show apparel is a bit more formal and is only necessary during competitions. For everyday practice, kids need only these few simple pieces of riding clothes to ensure that your children are safe and comfortable.

Riding Shirts.

For daily use such as practice, riders can wear a tee shirt or sweatshirt. Of course, there are still fashion trends that children can follow if they so wish, though these trends don’t affect their level of safety. Many riders like to wear collared shirts, such as polos, when riding, because they feel that these make them look tidy and professional.


Horse riding pants are sometimes known as jodhpurs. Unlike shirts, jodhpurs are actually very important riding clothes as they’re designed for functionality as well. These are several different kinds of jodhpurs, including knee patch and full seat. Knee patch breeches have suede or leather patches on the inside of the knee only, while full seat breeches have leather going from below the knee, up to the inner thigh, and around to the seat of the pants, which allows them to provide more “stickability” in the saddle.

Other Items.

Belts and riding socks are also important pieces of horseback riding attire. Belts serve the same purpose in horseback riding as they do with “normal” clothes, which is to help keep pants from sagging. Boot socks also serve the important function of making riding boots more comfortable. They’re available in different sizes, and some may be more comfortable than others.

In addition to helmets, boots, and jackets, everyday riders need to wear the right riding clothes to ensure their comfort and protection. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more blogs like this:

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