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Sports are often considered the greatest national and international past-times and it’s not hard to see why. From soccer in Italy to football in America, the vibrant culture and monthly to yearly hype surrounding different types of sports is almost rivaled by its physical and emotional benefits. People who participate in sports, whether recreational or professional, show better physical and mental health than those who lead sedentary lifestyles. If you’ve thought about improving your child’s fitness as well as their social life, signing them up for a regular sports activity will go a long way in bolstering their physical health as well as cultivating long-time friendships and increased social awareness. Let’s look at sports around the world, the benefits of regular exercise and how your kid can benefit from signing up for a soccer or baseball team!

Sports Around The World

While soccer in Italy (often confused with ‘football’ in the States) is extremely popular, other countries such as Costa Rica and Portugal lead the pack in terms of impressive wins, devoted fans and doting media press. Spain won the FIFA World Cup back in 2010, while Portugal has played in six World Cups ever since the 1960’s. Italy has won four World Cups throughout the years, the most recent being in 2006, and has established that soccer in Italy is not to be underestimated! When it comes to everyday sports, children participating in weekly or bi-weekly sports teams show better physical, social and mental health than those who don’t.

Kids And Sports

Children love to play and organized sports have honed physical activity to a razor thin edge. It’s estimated that over 280,000 boys in America play high school soccer, with well over 25 million kids playing soccer (or football!) every single year. A study from the Women’s Sports Foundation saw a whopping 75% of boys and 69% of girls between the ages of 8 and 17 taking part in organized sports, with at least half playing games outside of school! A national survey later saw a third of girls from all grades describing sports as ‘an important part of who they are’, cementing that physical activity is not only good for your muscles — it’s good for the mind!

Physical And Mental Health

When only one in four U.S. children exercise for an hour or more per day, getting the necessary amount of physical activity is essential in encouraging healthy development of their heart, muscles and lungs. A lack of activity can weaken the immune system as well as deprive the brain of necessary endorphins. The CDC recommends a variety of basic activities to help your kid grow strong, such as bone strengthening exercises like jumping rope or running. Getting your child involved in a sport can also increase their social awareness and help them make friends, as physical fitness doesn’t mean much if your child still feels isolated or frustrated.

Signing Up For A Sports Team

When female high school athletes have been found to have a higher chance of graduating than non-athletes and kids who exercise daily have better physical and emotional health than those who do not, there’s nothing to lose by signing your children up for soccer or football. Many local organizations revolve around getting kids outside and fit, creating fun and social activities on the weekend or during the summer when children are most likely to be idle and bored. If your child isn’t interested in popular sports like soccer in Italy or America’s beloved baseball and football, alternative options exist such as swimming, rock climbing and hiking. Next time you’re wondering how to keep your kid busy, take a glance at your local directory and consider signing them up for summer camp — the wealth of fun activities and boosts in their physical and mental health are well worth the effort!

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