Grand canyon white water rafting

This is getting ridiculous. As the current Presidential campaigning continues to grab headlines and attention, you have become increasingly frustrated. The latest trend of stories about how parents and schools are talking to children about the uncivil topics and language that have become part of the presidential debates, has left you looking for another topic of conversation and the opportunity to look at a bigger picture. As the racist comments and threats of bullying continue to be a part of the candidate coverage, you are starting to wonder if even the evening news coverage of the Presidential debates is fit for the ears of the younger teens in your house.
As you spend more evenings in the house with the television turned off it has made you think about how you might spend time this summer reconnecting your children and your entire family to more important matters. Their place in this world. The meaning of civility. The importance of connecting to the greater messages this world has to offer. And when it comes to thinking about something big and something grand, your mind came upon the greatest plan for getting away from all that is political and ridiculous. Specifically, the Grand Canyon and the enormity of something that will still be left standing after all of the political rhetoric clears the air.
A Vacation to Get Away from All That Is Irritating in This World
And just like that, you have announced that this year’s family vacation will be a trip to something that is undeniably huge. Whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon is sure to be a vacation that will your family put life in perspective. Whitewater rafting, whether it is in the Grand Canyon or another magnificent location, gets overworked and overstressed families close to nature to appreciate things that really matter in life.
Whitewater rafting trips through the Grand Canyon are an especially memorable way to help a family regroup and refocus after a long school year and months of long days at work. While families often find themselves running from one meeting to the next and one practice after another, a trip to the great outdoors can be a refreshing break. Away from cell phones and Tweets, television news and office work, a trip into something as impressive as the Grand Canyon will make you wonder why you waited so long for this adventure.
When Was the Last Time Your Family Had an Outdoor Adventure?
Even in today’s busy world of political news and social media, more than 75% of Americans still understand that outdoor recreation needs to be an important part of their lives. And, quite frankly, an outdoor adventure does not get much bigger than immersing yourself in one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Created by the The Colorado River, the path through metamorphic rock is 1.75 billion years old. Nearly half the age of the Earth, which scientists document as being 4.5 billion years old, the Grand Canyon is so enormous that it can be viewed from space. As a speck in a raft traveling through whitewater rapids that are both refreshing and breathtaking.
All You Have to Decide Is How Long You Want to Stay
Whitewater rafting trips can be as short as a single afternoon outing or as long as a week long adventure. Grand Canyon water rafting trips can include overnight stays in cabins or tents and riverbank meals of food cooked over a fire or simple hearty sandwiches. Depending on the number of people in your party, you can have an entire tour to yourselves or get to know a whole new group of friends as you learn to navigate the waters of the Colorado River. Most participants want to help navigate the rafts themselves, but some tours can provide an entire team of guides who do all of the work.
Families, college friends, co-workers, and golfing buddies will all enjoy the chance to get close to nature and away from all that bothers them in the world of business meetings and political agendas. Priced at a variety of levels, a whitewater rafting trip will create memories that can be professionally photographed and videotaped. As if you would ever forget the ride.

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