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Soccer. It’s a sport that’s long been beloved globally and in the last few decades, the United States has also started to embrace the sport as well, building an impressive US team. Many children around the world grow up playing soccer as a hobby and idolize the players who go professional. It’s a popular sport for kids to play — at its most basic, all you require to play it are some sneakers and a ball. For kids who want to take it more seriously though, there are school teams, soccer summer camps, soccer programs that focus on training and skill, and professional soccer training camps or programs as well that offer useful soccer training tips for kids. It’s a fun sport for kids to get involved with — it allows them to exercise, meet other children their age, and learn how to play a team sport, which can offer many other benefits to their development.
How Big Is This Sport Anyway?
The answer is: big. It’s played in over 200 countries by over 250 million players. Not bad for a sport that started in 1863 in England. In much of the world it’s known as “football,” which can get confusing, as our football and the rest of the world’s football is considerably different! Almost 285,000 boys play high school soccer in the United States and over 200,000 girls compete as well. That’s not even counting all the younger players in the United States or the global number of young soccer players in the world. Having some kind of formal coaching and soccer training tips for kids can help young players who want to better hone their skills and become a competitive force.
Why Should My Child Consider Playing Soccer?
Organized sports can be very helpful socially and physically for children. Over 60% of children who do an organized sport play to simply be with their friends, according to recent surveys. Team bonding is strong and can help a child make good friends that could last them a lifetime. They also learn how to work together, compromise, and how to be more generous. They also learn the value of being punctual and committing to something with their time, enthusiasm, and energy. Children will also learn how to handle the negative aspects, like losing, with grace and a desire to try again. Playing sports can give them a competitive edge as well, that serves them well later in life when applying for colleges, competitive programs, and jobs.
Soccer is an inclusive organized sport, catering to both boys and girls. There’s also a lot of buzz about the sport, with the World Cup and various other large matches throughout the year. It could maybe help convince a child who is unsure about the sport to get excited! Soccer is also heavily physical — the game requires a significant amount of running and practices will help players build up stamina, speed, and skill.
What’s In Store For My Child If He or She Has Talent?
If your child is committed to the sport and shows a good amount of talent, it’s possible he or she could be recruited for college soccer and catch the eye of a national or international team. Things like soccer summer camp or more intensive programs that teach soccer training tips for kids are a great way to stand out from the crowd. With over 350 men’s soccer coaches and almost 500 women’s soccer coaches from the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) scouting for new players, it’s a great future opportunity for your child.
Additionally, there are over 400 soccer scholarships that boys can take advantage of and over 800 for girls — it could be a great way to fund their education as well, if they’re passionate about the sport. Doing soccer camps and soccer tours can make your child stand out in coaches or recruiter’s eyes.
For the best soccer training tips for kids, you want to enroll them in a structured program that can offer them the guidance they need to go far with their sport and have fun along the way!

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