Tennis Fundamentals: What Every Court Needs

Tennis is a fascinating sport; fast-paced enough to entertain even the most sports-loathing individuals yet simple enough to follow, the nuances involved in a great game, set, and match can inspire euphoria-like reactions in both the players and the spectators. However, all tennis courts must have three things if they’re truly going to catch and hold the spotlight.


  • Net: Obviously, you can’t really play tennis without something to aim for. Surprisingly, tennis court nets come in a variety of options, though the untrained eye usually can’t spot them. Douglas brand tennis equipment, for example, is famous for their nets and offers certain tennis nets at with thicker mesh and various braid widths. Still, the main job of the net is to create an obstacle — something for the players to have to overcome in order to score. The beauty of tennis lies in the control required to play it: you have to get the ball over the net, but keep it within the boundary lines. Douglas brand tennis equipment offers tennis nets that will meet every need you could possibly have.


  • Benches: What’s a spectator sport without spectators? If you don’t have enough courtside seating available, especially in high school tournaments, people won’t be able to fully enjoy the skill of what they’re witnessing. Though it is still a spectator sport, tennis varies from others in that it demands silence — any cheering or loud noises, while the ball is in play, could distract the players and accidentally throw the game. Be sure to encourage people to watch and comment, but quietly and respectfully.


  • Fence: The job of the fence is twofold: keep the balls in and keep other people who have no reason to be on the court out. Oftentimes, players are slamming these balls at incredible speeds; if the area were not contained, most of the time would be wasted chasing after every single ball. Fencing guarantees that rogue balls can’t escape and disappear, and also provides security for those playing (both from distraction and any weirdos that may be around).


Whether you’re a parent watching your teen play in high school or a fan at the U.S. Open, you’ll find these three things are always present. If you’re looking to install a tennis court in your own backyard, this is where you should begin!


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