With millions of boats in use in the United States, there is much room for continual growth in the boating industry. Considering the fact that most Americans live within 100 miles of some body of water, there is no reason to be overly specific as to the location for setting up a business with boats for sale.

Americans and Boating

Water sports are some of the greatest recreational hobbies in the United States. The numbers of the boating industry are amazing, with billions already made, and many more boats for sale. Whether it includes used boats for sale, sea doo dealers, or other recreational water vehicles, there is much to be seen in the future. Looking at what our nation already has on the water, there is much to see in the industry of boats for sale:
Over 87 million Americans are involved in recreational boating.
As of 2016, the recreational boats sold in the U.S. was about $3.6 billion.
There are also more than 15 million boats currently being used in the United States.

Additional Recreational Vehicles

With much consideration for water sports making up recreational activities in the United States, there is much more to see with other vehicles that are highly valuable off the water as well. Some of these include dirt biking, motorcycling, snowmobiling, and more. A number of dealers are able to gain billions in revenue from all of these recreational sports combined, with the many different seasons that they are able to enjoy throughout the year. There is no reason to wait for the sunny and warm days to get out on some of these bikes and other vehicles, with the exciting outdoor activity they provide Americans of all ages.

With so many of these recreational sports in activity in North America, more than just the United States, there is much to gain from any dealer looking to enter the market. Whether they are new or used boats for sale, motorcycle dealers, snowmobile dealers, dirt bike dealers, or ATV dealers, there is much to gain from entering the recreational market from at least one point. This has the potential of being added to the sale of cars or trucks, or even the sale of RV’s and other outdoor camping equipment. Dealers have the ability to work together with all of these recreational sports combined.

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