Ever Walked on a Truly Beautiful Nature Trail?

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On October 19, National Geographic posted an article on their website entitled “Geography in the News: America’s Hiking Trails.” The detailed piece went on to discuss three of the most scenic national long distance hiking trails in the country. While the other eight national hiking trails are nothing short of spectacular themselves, the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail are the oldest and most well-known of them all.

Some people prefer to hike trails on foot, while others prefer to go biking for exercise. Getting ones exercise on a one of these gorgeous long distance hiking trails could prove to be far more motivating than a conventional walking path, primarily because of the fact that it provides people with a far more spectacular view.

Like many other outdoor family activities, going out on national and local hiking trails is something that some people do just for the sheer beauty of it. Growing up in a suburban neighborhood or city may not always be able to give people a true understanding of the power of mother nature.

Trees, bushes, trails, rolling hills, mountainsides, animals and the never-ending skyline come together in a gorgeous cacophony to everyone that dares to trek alone one of the beautiful long distance hiking trails the country has to offer. Those who have spent time looking in recreational magazines about nature and the wild are often unprepared for the splendor that it has to offer.

From the true lover of nature to the first time jogger, everyone could find something to fall in love with when they go out to explore the hiking trails in their area.

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