Floating docks

Do you spend the majority of your time boating or fishing on the lake? If so, you know the value of having a trusty dock box where you can store all the necessary tools and items you need for your time on the water. If you’re used to using a dock box made of plastic, you may have noticed that the color of the box tends to fade fast and that it isn’t particularly durable when dealing with the counteractive effects of water and heat over a period of time. You may consider the advantages of a fiberglass dock box instead.

Many fiberglass models are sold with a warranty designed to cover any damages sustained to the box for 15 years. That being said, dock boxes are sturdy, as they are capable of standing up to 70 mile-per-hour winds. And because they are made with technology that protects against ultraviolet rays, their color will not fade from sun exposure, as opposed to dock boxes made of polyethylene. Furthermore, the aesthetics are appealing, with a good finish and a sleek design.

If you are just beginning to establish a new “spot” along the lake, you may want to consider purchasing a floating dock, made of either aluminum or wood, from the same company that sold you the dock box. You may need a dock cart as well for easily transporting heavier materials more easily from your boat to the dock.

Once you’ve returned from the lake, you may want to install a dock bumper to protect your vessel from unnecessary wear and tear when pulling back into the docks. This can ensure the longevity of your boat. You’ll also probably want to install a dock ladder, if you haven’t already done so, in order to safely enter and exit your craft with no complications.

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