7 Incredible Benefits of Using Custom-Printed Lanyards for Your Team

A Lanyard is a popular identification tool for virtually every social interaction. From offices, schools, and trade conferences to hospitals and sporting events, lanyards are everywhere. These versatile, little loops of fabric are perfect for carting your badges or I.D cards around and so much more. Here are seven key benefits of ordering personalized lanyards for your team.

1. Versatility

If you only see a colored lanyard as an I.D badge holder, think again. The practical use of customized lanyards is infinite. You can pick a sports team lanyard to hold water bottles, keys, whistles, stopwatches, and much more. You can also utilize the looped fabric to hold a medical identification tag, key clip, biometric cards, or even hold money. The versatile use of the lanyard can help improve the lives of your employees and customers.

2. Safety

Biometrics are yet to cover all buildings and home security systems, meaning that ID badges are still popular. Customized lanyards can help identify your staff at the security desk, easily displaying the identification badge. A sports team lanyard can help keep individuals that aren’t part of your team from accessing your training grounds, changing rooms, or even storage areas.

3. Ideal Branding Tool

Custom-printed lanyards are excellent branding materials for your team. You can display your logo or tag line on the fabric, instantly increasing brand awareness. Why not include your team’s mantra on the sports team lanyard? Colored lanyards can increase your visibility, making them an affordable means to pass your brand message.

4. Professional Appearance

Beautifully designed lanyards are ideal for easier identification at workspaces, conferences, and tradeshows. Lanyards are simple and lightweight, making it easier for your team to carry them around. Customers can easily pick out your staff’s name and position from the tag hanging around their neck. Give your team a professional look without turning towards uniforms.

5. Cost-effective

Lanyards are inexpensive, making it easy to purchase large quantities without eating into your budget. You can get effective marketing and branding at a fraction of the cost of normal advertising strategies. It is also a cost-effective way to build customer loyalty by gifting them out during sporting events or meet and greets.

6. Convenient

Digging your cards out of your pocket can be cumbersome, especially when gaining access to a building or room multiple times a day. Custom lanyards can make it easy to carry around your identification badge without diving deep into your pockets. A sports team lanyard is a perfect solution for athletes who may have to wear uniforms without pockets.

7. Durable

Quality lanyards last a long time and can be used effectively well after the conference is over. Customization allows you to pick the material you prefer as well as the hook accessories. Hanging from your neck, you are less likely to displace your keys than using keyring bracelets and holders.

A colored lanyard is more than just a name tag holder. You can customize your looped fabric to fit your desired outcome and needs. Do you want to order sports team lanyards for your squad? Contact Pomchies through our website or call us, and we will help you locate a sales representative in your area.

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