Why A Soccer Training Program Is The Best Summer Activity To Encourage Healthy, Social Kids

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Sports bring people together. Why wouldn’t they? They’re all about healthy competition and having a good time, whether it’s a hobby you indulge in during the summer or a future career filled with potential. For families who are eager to have their children reap the benefits of sports programs, a summer soccer training program is a smart way to go. There they’ll make new friends, learn useful strategies that can be applied to everyday life and, most of all, enjoy their youth in an incredibly healthy way.

Where Did Soccer Come From?

A little history goes a long way. The game of soccer (more commonly known as football outside of the United States) began in England all the way back in the 1860’s. It caught on like wildfire over the proceeding decades and soon became a worldwide phenomenon that regularly draws in hundreds of millions of fans both professionally and casually.

What Are The Rules Of Soccer?

Children become more mature when they learn the benefits of working in a team and working within creative boundaries. The game of soccer involves 11 players on each team using a combination of their legs, head and torso to pass the ball around. Not only is soccer a fantastic strategic exercise for the growing mind, it promotes strong physical fitness. In the age of the Internet, where sedentary behavior is common, this is an especially big benefit!

How Does Soccer Promote Good Health?

Do you worry your children are becoming too sedentary? A summer soccer training program can make sure they get everything they need to stay healthy. A single game of soccer involves constant running, walking, sprinting, jumping and stretching for a good 90 minutes at a time. This promotes a strong heart, powerful muscles and boosted agility.

What About Improving Social Health?

Emotional and physical health is important for a growing kid. What about social health? A recent summer soccer survey saw 90% saying that summer camp helped them feel good about themselves. Another 96% of campers said camp helped them make new friends. Each year well over 14 million children and adults alike will attend summer camps to get fit and enjoy the weather. How about you?

Should I Sign My Child Up For A Summer Soccer Training Program?

In a short? Absolutely. Summer soccer training is a hybrid of fun activities that teach your kid how to make friends and stay active, offering them all sorts of ways to enjoy the great outdoors while still teaching them useful life skills. For those that might take it to the next level, every year sees well over 1,000 soccer scholarships available for both boys and girls who want to play competitively. Whether you want your child to learn how to play soccer or want to give them an opportunity for more, consider a soccer training program. It’ll be a blast!

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