What to consider before getting your first tattoo

The History of Tattoos


The history of tattoos may be older than you think. In fact, the earliest records we have of tattoos go back thousands of years. Firm evidence suggests that tattooing was an ancient art, as mummified skin has been found to have tattoo markings. The oldest human tattoo appears to be from around 3000 BC, and belongs to Otzi the Iceman.


Otzi was discovered in 1991. His name comes from the location where he was found, the Otzal Alps. As the oldest human mummy found in Europe, his body was naturally mummified and preserved. Otzi sported a total of 61 tattoos, with the majority on his legs. Though many of these look like bad tattoos, it is obviously because of the mummification of the skin. Examination has shown that these tattoo designs were done with some sort of fire ash.


Otzi isn’t the only ancient example of tattoos. There are hundreds of examples across dozens of different cultures of tattoo art. Though popular tattoos may change, the art of tattoo work has remained. If you are considering getting a tattoo, there are some important things to consider, otherwise you may end up with bad tattoos and be in search of tattoo removal.

How to avoid bad tattoos


Because of how permanent tattoos are, it is important to ensure you are getting high quality work done. Bad tattoos are a nightmare. Though the tattoo removal industry is getting better and better, getting bad tattoos removed will not leave your skin flawless.


So what should you consider before getting inked? Here are some of our top considerations:

People Will Judge You: As much as we like to give the cliche “don’t judge people by how they look,” we all do. See a cute girl you want to ask out? You just made a judgment. Judgment isn’t always bad, sometimes we judge that we like something, however a judgment is still being made. Be ready to be judged, both for good and bad, because of your tattoo. If you are constantly worried about what other people think of you, getting a tattoo to “fit in” isn’t a good idea. That is what we call bad tattoos. Getting a tattoo should have meaning and reason behind it and be independent of what others thing.

Think A Long Time About WHERE The Tattoo Will Be: Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, he is right about one thing: location matters. Both in business and tattoos, location is very important. The tattoo life can be fun. Tattoos can express something about you. However, getting a tattoo across your forehead that says “F*** The Police” is probably an idea we would classify under bad tattoos. There are certain places that most people should probably avoid getting tattoos: face, neck, and hands. The reason is that these areas cannot be easily covered, and covering a tattoo is something most people feel they need to do to be appropriate for certain social or professional settings. Around 11% of people who have had a tattoo, went through a tattoo removal process (or are in the process of doing so). Much of tattoo removal comes from having a tattoo in the wrong location.

Tattoos Are Permanent: Look, we know that tattoo removal is a thing. It’s even a service we offer. However unless you are getting a henna tattoo (which lasts about 10-15 days), you should consider your tattoos as permanent. Even after the best tattoo removal, there will be an indication of where your tattoo was. Some tattoos cannot be fully removed because of how deep the ink is or how much ink has been layered. Consider a tattoo permanent. Doing so will help you make a decision you are happy with if you do decide to get a tattoo.

Impulse Is A Sign to NOT Get A Tattoo: Look we make money off of people getting tattoos. However, if you want to get a tattoo “on a whim” that is a BIG sign you should NOT get a tattoo yet. Remember, a tattoo is an important reflection of who you are. Think about it. Be deliberate. Make sure you are satisfied with your decision.

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