Baseball and softball are tough sports and it takes more than just personal interest to get that sweet spot. For this reason, there are common practices baseball lovers use to enjoy the sport. Such practices include baseball bat shaving and rolling. However, there are a number of things that you need to understand about baseball bat shaving and rolling so as not to violate the professional rules of the game especially if you are doing it at a professional level. What happens or should happen is that baseball bat shaving and rolling can take place purely for practice purposes or for non-league games. Major league competitions to not allow the use of doctored bats simply because they give the user an unfair advantage in sports. Today, you find that most coaches and league officials can easily tell a rolled bat or shaved bats. With this in mind, one of the things that most people have challenges with is choosing a good bat shaving service. There are a number of things that you need to take into consideration when searching for baseball bat shaving and rolling. By choosing baseball bat shaving services that cannot guarantee quality services in baseball bat shaving and rolling, chances are that you will end up with poor workmanship and in worst case scenarios lose your rolled and shaved bats. Whether you are looking for softball bats or rolled baseball bats, here is what you need to know about baseball bat shaving and rolling.

What is Bat Shaving and Rolling?
In terms of bat shaving, what you need to understand is that this practice occurs after the bat has been rolled. You cannot carry out bat shaving without rolling the bat first. Bat shaving is the process of thinning the bat by removing the cap and carrying out the thinning on the inner walls. The whole idea behind this practice is that it creates an enhanced trampoline effect on the bats. The downside of bat shaving is that it greatly reduces the life of the bat since thinning the walls will reduce durability. However, a shaved bat has the ability to shoot the ball to a greater distance. After you approach a baseball bat shaving and rolling service, always ensure that the said company or business has the right tools to effectively carry out the process. It is expected that o carry out bat shaving, you need to have a drill or digital lathe. Once the composite material within the interior of the bat has been removed, you can expect that the trampoline effect on the bat will be greatly improved. Such work requires a professional service that deals with bat shaving as opposed to adopting a DIY approach when shaving the bat. Since buying the bat had already cost you money, why would you want to spend more on a replacement and continue incurring more cost?

Is Bat Shaving and Rolling Legal
Whether or not baseball bat shaving and rolling is illegal depend on its use. Once you roll or shave your bat, it automatically gives you unfair advantage assuming that other baseball players competing in the tournament are not using shaved bat. For this reason, you should you’re your altered bats purely for practice purpose or non-competitive games. As long as you adopt this approach, then using doctored bats is not illegal. The problem comes in if you decide to use such bats in competitive tournaments. Today, coaches and referees can easily tell whether a bat has been doctored considering that they have years of experience mastering the craft. It is not unheard that some baseball players have been disqualified in major leagues for using shaved or rolled bats. However, the rules of the game do not apply uniformly and it is recommended that you acquaint yourself with the important rules before engaging in professional baseball. The bottom line is that baseball is an amazing sport that people enjoy. You do not have to be a professional baseball player to enjoy the game. You will equally enjoy the sport by following the rules in terms of competitive engagement or trying to improve your performance through the use of baseball bat shaving and rolling

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