Sport is generally competitive whether you’re playing for fun or prize. The desire to outperform the competition inevitably pushes sportsmen and women to invest in improving their skills, more training, and the best available equipment. However, in the same pool of athletes, an increasing number have resorted to modified bats to gain an added advantage over the competitors. The process of altering bats to improve its performance is known as bat doctoring, which involves both bat rolling or bat shaving.

If you’re considering baseball bat shaving and rolling, you need to be careful with the type of services being offered to ensure you get professional services for optimal bat performance. Things to look out for are the type of equipment and procedures used. High-quality bat rolling and shaving equipment ensures consistent results and improved bat performance. Some people, however, use drills, abrasives, and other unconventional tools that compromise quality and yield inconsistent bat results.

In addition to having an unusual trampoline effect, poorly shaved or rolled bats are also prone to premature breaking. While a good bat roll or shave offers a much-needed advantage to players, it should be noted that this process is still considered cheating in major tournaments and organized events. That is why players are encouraged to make use of doctored bats for practice or friendly games.

In professional competitions, the rules are strict and considering years of experience of the sports officials, it’s easy to tell shaved or rolled baseball bats from non-doctored ones. There have been several cases where a player is dismissed from the competition on grounds of using shaved or rolled bats. But because the rules are not uniform across countries, you need to know what is and not expected in your locality to avoid getting dismissed from a competitive match.

Softball and baseball are interesting sports anyone can enjoy — not just the seasoned. All you need to do to enjoy the sport is simply improving your bat performance and adhering to the rules in professional and competitive games. Rolled baseball bats are not the only option as you can also go for bat shaving, which is particularly common and offer similar results.

Bat sharing can be done after bat rolling. Aluminum rolled baseball bats are crafted by first removing the bat’s metal cap to expose the bat’s hollow interior. The interior’s lining is shaved off to increases the trampoline effect but this compromises the internal structure, making it weak and reduce its longevity.

Digital drilling ensures consistent shaving of bat’s composite material. However, bat shaving is only done on the body and not the handle. Shaving the handle makes it too weak and easily breakable during gameplay.


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