Used Boats Are a Great Way to Get Started at Lake Life

Labor Day weekend is the last time that many families will get out the family boat for the season. From used boats to new custom boats, there are many ways to stay entertained when you get to travel to the lake, especially for a long three day weekend. Whether you get to enjoy time with friends or family, lake time is a great time.

As more and more Americans find themselves in stressful workplace, it is important to take the time to get away. Relaxing by yourself or finding time to reconnect with your children the results are worth it. Finding out about your daughter’s high school show choir friends while you are lounging on the beach or finding out about your son’s plans for college while you are catching the last fish of the day are both great investments of time.

Labor Day Weekend at the Lake Is a Great Way to End the Summer

Whether you like to spend your time on the family boat fishing or you want to take the kids water skiing or tubing, it is important to make sure that your boat is in good repair. Inboard boats, outboard boats, sailboats, sterndrive boats, and personal water crafts are the five categories that recreational boats are split into. Selecting the kind of boat, of course, depends on knowing how you want to spend your time. For some people, finding the right boat is easier to do if you first rent different kinds of water craft.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the boating industry and how it not only impacts how families spend their time away from work, but also the impact that it has on the economy of the nation:

  • 87 million adults in the U.S. use boats for recreational purposes.
  • 13.2 million people owned a boat in early 2017.
  • 11.87 million recreational boats were registered in the U.S. in 2015.
  • 2.65 million people said they planned on buying a boat within the next 12 months in early 2017.
  • 3.6 million is the total cost of recreational boats that were sold in the U.S. in 2016.
  • Campers in the U.S. in 2015 indicated that recreational boating was one of their top hobbies.

Memories on the family boat are one of the most positive outcomes of spending time at the lake. If you have had a crazy work at week, this is an even better time to make sure that you get away for a few days.

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