Tips and Tricks to Improve at Crossword Puzzles

In the video above, the reporter demonstrates how to fill in crossword puzzles. She gives notations that serve to enhance memory and vocabulary while unraveling the intricate puzzle clues. The first notation discussed is the question mark, indicating a hint of wordplay within a clue.

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The reporter demonstrates this with a clever example—a clue suggesting a four-letter word associated with ‘wind up on stage,’ cleverly hinting at the answer ‘oboe,’ a woodwind instrument often performed on stage.

Next notion, the reporter explains ‘abbr’ clues, representing abbreviations. Using a clue referencing a three-letter ‘naval officer abbr.,’ the reporter deciphers it to ‘ens,’ short for ‘ensign,’ a rank commonly used in naval or coast guard circles. Another notion, the reporter delves into ‘v-a-r’ clues, signaling variant spellings. For instance, the spelling ‘axe’ instead of ‘ax’ hints at a lumberjack’s tool, showcasing how variant spellings can unfold new solutions in the puzzle.

The reporter concludes with the encouragement to practice these techniques using online applications. Everyone is invited to explore more crossword-related content online, fostering a community of crossword enthusiasts to share tips and engage with the puzzles actively. By unraveling these crossword notations, the reporter equips viewers with valuable strategies to decipher puzzles effectively, promoting mental agility and a deeper appreciation for wordplay challenges.

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