An Intro to the World of Trampoline Dodgeball

In the above video, the reporter talks about the Ultimate Trampoline Dodgeball Championship (UDC) electrifying the vibrant world of SkyZone trampoline parks across the United States, showcasing the evolution of this sport into a competitive spectacle. Originating from humble beginnings, the championship became a magnet for dodgeball teams across North America. Doom, the inaugural victors from SkyZone Riverside, kickstarted their legacy with a $25,000 prize.

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Their dominance solidified further as they transitioned to SkyZone Covina.

The UDC’s expansion fueled rivalries between teams, none more anticipated than the clash between two powerhouses: Doom, now representing SkyZone Van Nuys, and the formidable contender from SkyZone contender Glen Mills. The championship series set the stage for an epic showdown, drawing the attention of dodgeball enthusiasts and experts like Edie Prentiss, who heightened the anticipation for the high-stakes encounter.

The tournament unfolded in a tense exchange of dominance. Glen Mills showcased strategic throws and nimble maneuvers, initially gaining the upper hand. However, the experienced Van Nuys team responded with lightning reflexes and precision plays, showcasing their championship mettle. As the championship reached its climax, a gripping tiebreaker ensued, intensifying the thrill for spectators. In a riveting finale, SkyZone Van Nuys clinched their third consecutive title, seizing a decisive advantage and etching their name in dodgeball history as triumphant victors once again.


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