Are you currently engaged in a search for the perfect venue for your wedding? Well, if you or someone you know are looking for an elegant and versatile place for a wedding, you might be looking at hotels and restaurants in the city where your wedding will take place.

You might not be thinking of a golf course. That is usually considered only as a spot where you will someday play your best golf game, or watch a golf expo. But even though places such as a golf course probably don’t come to mind…maybe a golf club wedding should be considered.

Here are some reasons why country club weddings have become more popular recently, among the best places to have a wedding. Maybe it won’t be the place for you to have your best golf game ever, or even see more than one golf expo…but it could be the venue that is just perfect for your wedding celebration.

Beautiful Natural Settings
Golf courses are designed to take advantage of picturesque grounds. Country club weddings offer a fantastic location that is ideal for photos. Day and night, the scenery is beautiful. And now 35% of weddings, according to Hudson Valley Weddings, are outdoor celebrations.

Surprisingly Affordable
Country club weddings do not have to be extravagant and over-the-top expensive. These days, we all know that the average bride can expect to need a lot of money –around $28,000–for a wedding ceremony and reception. But a golf course wedding, or at least part of it, may offer much more affordable options: perhaps the ideal spot for a rehearsal dinner, for example, or a morning-after brunch.

Everything in One Place
A country club is really one of the best places to have a wedding if you are looking to have all phases of your ceremony and reception celebrated in one place. It is ideal for the service, and then with the kitchen facilities right on-site, guests will be able to enjoy dinner, cocktails by the pool–and maybe even play their best golf game or watch a golf expo on the 18-hole golf course! With plenty of parking, too, you will have all you options open to enjoy a wonderful time.

Whether you are looking for a lavish reception, a festive rehearsal dinner, a celebratory day-after brunch–or all of these–a golf course is a great place to book a party, or your whole wedding. You will have the peace of mind of a wonderful facility on scenic grounds, and know that you will be making fantastic memories to cherish for years to come.

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