Packing Adventure Clothing for an Upcoming Camping Trip? Keep These 3 Important Things in Mind

adventure clothingCamping is the best way to enjoy the great outdoors, but your dream camping trip can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t bring the right type of adventure clothing. Considering the changes in weather and the wide range of activities you’ll be participating in, you’ll need much more than what’s already in your closet to prepare for a camping trip.

A great outdoor store will have all the adventure clothing you need to get the most out of your camping experience. From packing multiple layers to buying clothes that suit your planned activities, you’ll need a litany of different items to have the most fun possible with your friends and family.

Before you ever set foot in a gun shop or fishing shop to pick up equipment, you need to focus on basic camping gear and clothing. Here are three of the most important pieces of adventure gear to look for when you’re planning a camping excursion:

    • Multiple layers
      About 84% of campers participate in multiple outdoor activities, but all of these people would find it impossible to enjoy their planned activities without the right type of clothing. Since you’ll be spending most (if not all) of your time outdoors, you need to be prepared for whatever the weather may bring. As a basic rule, be sure to pack three layers of clothing: a base layer, an insulating layer, and an outer layer.
    • Adventure footwear
      Making sure you have different layers of adventure clothing is crucial, but many people often forget to invest in heavy-duty boots as well. Finding the right footwear is particularly important if you plan on hiking through the forest during your camping trip, which about 38 million people did in 2014 alone. Also, you’ll want specific shoes for water activities, in addition to spiked shoes to trudge through the snow if you’re camping in the winter months.
    • Activity gear
      Hiking gear, hunting gear, fishing gear, and climbing gear are all quite different. Therefore, you need to plan ahead to make sure your equipment and adventure clothing are well-suited for the activities you want to participate in. If you’re going fishing, you should be able to find a fishing vest to hold your hooks and lures in an outdoor shop. Also, hunters will need comfortable goggles to protect their eyes that won’t fog up easily. More than 38 million Americans hunt and fish, and you can be sure that the top anglers and hunters come prepared with the right type of clothing.

If you plan your camping trip just right, you’ll have all the adventure clothing you need to get the most out of your camping trip. Check out a trusted outdoor shop to find all of these things and more. Have fun and happy camping

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