Many football players and golfers are using a new spray to keep their gloves tacky, ensuring a better grip on a ball or golf club. If you have your own set of awesome football gloves and are looking into this spray to keep your gloves sticky, whether you’re looking to catch a football or hit some golf balls, here are some of the most common questions asked about this new football gloves sticky spray.

Is It Legal In Competition?

As of right now, the football gloves sticky spray is completely legal between all levels of competition, though there are restrictions on how much of the spray can be applied. If it becomes an issue, the glove can be tested to see if there is too much of the substance applied, causing a level of friction that is considered too high. Follow the instructions on your item and all should be well.

Do I Need to Buy the Football Spray?

If you are using the spray for regulation football, it is recommended you use the spray specifically made for football, as the levels of tackiness allowed in football is lower. What this means is that you may be over the limit if you use a spray intended for golfers or baseball players due to higher levels of the chemicals intended to make the surface of your gloves stickier.

Does It Work in the Rain?

Unfortunately, it seems that football gloves sticky spray is not intended for use in the rain, as it will wash off of the gloves.

Is It Toxic?

Though it should be said to double check with your specific brand should you have chosen a smaller company that doesn’t follow the same standards as some of the major ones, these products are not made with toxic materials meaning they are totally non-toxic. We still wouldn’t recommend eating or ingesting any of the sprays or gels!

Have you used football gloves sticky spray or any other spray for similar purposes in a sport? How did it work for you? What are your thoughts on these products being legal in organized play? Let us know in the comments below!

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