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Curious About Scuba Diving? Here Are Somethings You Should Know

Written by Recreation Magazine on June 29th, 2017. Posted in Scuba diving lessons, Scuba training

scuba divingEIf you’ve experienced things like a ride in a hot air balloon or a drive in a convertible with the roof down on mountain roads, it might be time to explore another part of the world: the water. There’s a lot to be seen down in our world’s oceans, with a whole range of exotic wildlife and scenery.

Every year in the U.S., there are an estimated 500,000 people that become certified SCUBA divers, and you can be one of them. But before you can go scuba diving, or find your perfect scuba destinations, you need to know a few things about the hobby.

First, is that it is a common misconception that you can’t go scuba diving without a certification. You don’t need a scuba diving certification to dive, though taking scuba training and scuba diving courses is recommended. Almost every shop in the world offers introductory dive courses regularly, with a pool, a classroom portion, and an open water dive.

At least half a day is required to participate in one of these courses, and it is a great way to see if scuba diving could become your new hobby or just a one-time occurrence without spending hundreds of dollars on scuba diving equipment and certifications.

If you do decide to get the certification, the course should count towards it. Then, you can continue with the rest of the classes and the dives that are needed.

You also might want to diversify your dive locations. While diving in tropical paradises like Jamaica or Hawaii might spoil you rotten, you might suddenly get tired of it. You might want to see other locations like reefs, go out into the open water, or explore wrecks.

You shouldn’t close off your mind to the rest of the ocean and all its beauty. You could explore the seas at night, where a whole new world opens up once the sun goes down. With special night gear and flashlights, you can sharpen your skills while seeing the world on a new level.

However, there are some things you need to keep in mind if you decide to explore scuba diving as a hobby. Some you’ll learn in scuba classes, and the others you pick up along the way.

You can’t be scared. Don’t be scared of the sounds, the sights, or the way that your body feels in the water. It can be frightening to be so deep, to not know what’s down there with you, but you have to relax and enjoy everything diving has to offer.

But on the other hand, don’t go out alone. No matter how confident you are, or how experienced you become, never dive alone. You can probably dive hundreds or even thousands of times with no issues, but when something does, you want to have a friend there to assist you. Plus it’s much more enjoyable to dive with a friend. That’s why dive groups exist, to encourage the joy of diving amongst people that have a similar interest. And it means you always have someone to count on to dive with.

If you have any questions about scuba diving, just contact us. We’ll be happy to help you on your journey into the depths of the ocean!

Do You Have a Scuba Diving Certification?

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Initialisms and acronyms merited a post this week on the Merrian-Webster Twitter account. The inviting photo of a deep water SCUB diver was pictured staring into the camera, and the purpose of the post was to talk about the difference between words like SCUBA and FBI. The linked article goes on to explain the precise term that is used for abbreviations that actually serve as well know words. While no one would argue that FBI is a word, some people know that SCUBA actually stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. Know more for its word status, SCUBA is more correctly identified as an initialism, while FBI is a simple acronym.
Enough with the deep language talk, though. When the Summer Solstice arrives underwater diving fans are hardly thinking of linguistics. Instead, they are likely planning

Why A Soccer Training Program Is The Best Summer Activity To Encourage Healthy, Social Kids

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Best soccer camps in usa

Sports bring people together. Why wouldn’t they? They’re all about healthy competition and having a good time, whether it’s a hobby you indulge in during the summer or a future career filled with potential. For families who are eager to have their children reap the benefits of sports programs, a summer soccer training program is a smart way to go. There they’ll make new friends, learn useful strategies that can be applied to everyday life and, most of all, enjoy their youth in an incredibly healthy way.

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