The popularity of softball not just involves adults but kids and teens as well. Lately, more players caused it to become an even more competitive game. With that said, it had never been as crucial to go for softball bat shaving and rolling services to help in outdoing players in the opponent team.

Nevertheless, the gameand#39;s competitive nature provides softball players with the desire and motivation to develop an even better game performance level. Shaved and rolled softball bats can be great tools that people can use to improve their skills during their training. It will help them to ultimately gain an advantage over their opponents and eventually outperform them.

Read on to find out how softball bat shaving and rolling can boost your performance not just during practice but in the actual competition games as well.

The Difference Between Rolled and Shaved Bats

Shaving and rolling can result in better game performance and dramatic success in the sport. You can use shaved and rolled bats during training and practice games. You can also use them when playing in home run derbies or softball league games where there are no rules imposed against using modified bats.

If youand#39;re unsure how a rolled bat differs from a shaved bat, the former improves your bat distance by up to 30 feet only while the latter can surpass it and reach up to 50 feet. Shaving your bat is definitely the path to take to improve overall performance in softball games.

Make sure, however, that your local league permits the use of doctored bats. Otherwise, you can still use your rolled and shaved bats but only during practice and training.

Why Itand#39;s Important To Roll the Bat

In bat shaving, the walls become thinned out and significantly improve bat distance and flexing. Nevertheless, itand#39;s often not enough to just shave a bat as youand#39;ll still need to break some of the layers left, which can be time-consuming and tedious work.

Rolling the bat can completely eliminate the time youand#39;ll need to spend in breaking it in. Most softball bat shaving and rolling services heat up the bat before actually rolling it, so you need to confirm that the break-in truly worked after they rolled your bat.

A way for you to ensure a successful break-in process is to have your bat tested for compression. Make sure to take a reading before having your bat rolled and afterward as well.

When To Have Your Bats Shaved

Itand#39;s crucial to note, though, that in cold temperatures, shaved bats canand#39;t perform well. Thatand#39;s why you shouldnand#39;t use your shaved bat during the cold months when itand#39;s colder than 65 degrees outside your home.

Before going to the nearest professional shaving service center, make sure that your bat is compatible with the shaving process that the experts will use.

Some bats like the metal, wood, and alloy types are usually not recommended to undergo the process using a bat rolling machine. They will not be gaining any benefit from rolling, and youand#39;ll be better off rolling composite bats with carbon and graphite layers which are the best types of bat for shaving and rolling.

Ensure You Get Optimal Results

The inner walls of your bat will become thinner after softball bat shaving and rolling. This means that the pop and distance of your bat can have a dramatic and significant increase.

However, because the inner walls become thinned out, modifying a bat can significantly shorten your batand#39;s life. Nevertheless, the benefits youand#39;ll enjoy can make you ignore this drawback.

You can still maximize the results. Thatand#39;s why you definitely need to do compression tests before the process and afterward. Youand#39;ll know the flexibility or stiffness of the inner walls, which will determine the correct pressure needed when rolling it.

For shaving, the compression test reading will reveal just how much material is possible to remove. The added step of testing can help ensure that your bat can perform optimally and not exceed the certified performance levels.

Use Shaved Bats to up Your Game

To shorten the time needed to succeed in the sport, consistent training is not enough to help you with your goal. Use shaved bats to help you level up your hitting power, skills, and game performance in the shortest amount of time possible.

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