About 35 years ago, the Corps of Engineers developed a plan for building a dam on the river near your home town for a recreational lake. At that time, they included taking our your camp property just in case of a 1,000 year flood. The project never came to fruition, and you breathed a sigh of relief. Last night on the news, it sounded like there was a renewed interest in creating this lake. Now you are concerned they will want to take your property, as in the first plan. As you sat on one of your two Kubota zero turn mowers this morning you wondered it the Corps will use the initial plan, or will they be required to start from scratch.

Your best guess is that except for the location, they would have to start over. Since the river sam report was from more than 50 years ago, the residential and commercial developments and infrastructural changes within the potential lake area have changed making relocations and real estate acquisition much more expensive. In addition, there are 50 plus more years of hydrologic records for the river basins in the area which would have to be taken into account. Although the large amount of mowing with this property is not the highlight of your days, you would much rather spend your time on these Kubota zero turn mowers than have to forfeit your land to a recreational lake development project.

Tractor Package Deals Often Offer a Great Way to Purchase the Best Kinds of Farm, Lawn, or Garden Equipment

Whether you are looking at Kubota zero turn mowers for a large property out by the river, at your home in town, or for your commercial land, it is important to get the kind of mower that will make this weekly task more manageable. And while few propel really enjoy the task of trimming the grass, if you make the right mower purchase the job can be easier than you would expect. In fact, both residential mower package deals and purchases or larger tractors that can be used for a variety of purposes offer a way to more effectively and efficiently maintain a property of any size.

Today’s Kubota zero turn mowers are but one example of how technology has improved the way that property owners go about some of the most mundane tasks. Knowing that you can take care of a mowing session in less time, however, is a real benefit to a property owner who has many other kinds of work to do as well. Consider some of these facts and figures about the many ways that mowing affects the lives of anyone who owns a home or business:

  • Although there are many different kinds of lawn and tractor equipment, Kubota has been making agricultural equipment since 1890. In fact, they developed and commercialized Japan’s first farm tractor.
  • Aside from all the residential and commercial lawns that need to be cared for, golf greens need to be mowed daily to maintain the recommended length of 0.100 to 0.125 inches.
  • Statistics vary from one state to another, but agriculture is the largest industry in Alabama, with 580,000 Alabamians working on farms.
  • Compared to a national average of 434 acres, the average farm in Alabama covers 209 acres.
  • There are 43 thousand farms in the state of Alabama, and these farms include many acres of land that need to be mowed at least once or twice a year.
  • Perhaps in an effort to get away from the big city, as many as 90% of Americans indicate that they prefer to live in homes surrounded by grass lawns.
  • Growing rates vary from one state to another, but grass in Georgia can grow up to six inches a week. With more than 1.25 million acres of lawns in the state of Georgia, this means that this is an important industry in this southern state.
  • It should come as no surprise that the landscaping industry employs nearly one million people in the U.S.

Whether you are looking at the once or twice weekly task of mowing a yard or acreage that has been owned by your family for years or you are considering the size of a lawn you want in your new home, the kind of mower you buy. matters.

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