Top 20 Cool Things to Do With Your Mom

The bond that a mother shares with her child is like no other. This is the one person who has been there through it all, from the time you were a pea-size in her womb to when you took your first breath. After you got into the world, she is the one who made sure you were bathed and fed, and your diaper was clean. It is no wonder she is your favorite human in the world.

It can be challenging trying to single out one specific thing to appreciate this amazing person. Luckily, you do not need to think too much about it since, more often than not, all she needs is anything that involves spending time with you.

Below are a few ideas for cool things you can do with your mom.

1. Have a Spa Day

Who wouldn’t want to relax after a long week of ensuring the rest of the family is okay? Your mother definitely would appreciate such a proposition. It is time for her to get some pampering.

If this is something you have been saving up for, do not shy away from splurging. Take her out to a spa where she can have a relaxing body massage and a facial done, and also get her an eyebrow shaping service.

If you cannot afford the luxury of a professional spa, have a spa date at home. There are various products in your home that can be used for a facial. This could be turmeric, yoghurt, or even eggs. Whatever you choose, it will work just fine. If you also have some nail polish lying around, get a matching manicure and pedicure while indulging in some fun chit-chat.

2. Go Get an Adjustment

This might not be among the first items on your to-do list. However, studies indicate that getting a spinal adjustment has a positive impact on a person’s health and wellness.

You may have heard your mom complaining about back pains or any other back-related discomforts. Well, this would be a perfect gift for her. Book an appointment with a wellness chiropractor who will ensure that any misalignments in your mom’s back are corrected. It is important to note that misalignments do not always result in back pain.

Your mom may experience other symptoms like headaches, sleep issues, fatigue, or irritability, which are indicators of the same problem. She might not know it, but this is something she really needs. Patients who get adjustments frequently have reported great improvements in their symptoms. If getting an adjustment isn’t right for you or your mom, consider acupuncture instead.

3. Try a New Therapy

In the past, there were a lot of stigmas associated with the word therapy or therapist. No, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a mental issue just because you are going for therapy.

Relaxation therapy aims to reduce tension in the muscles, and lower stress levels and blood pressure. It can also help to control pain. A few examples include aquatic therapy, acupuncture, music therapy, and aromatherapy, among others.

If you are on a limited budget, you could learn some relaxation techniques that will leave your mother feeling extremely relaxed. These include going for a walk, stretching, and deep breathing meditation, among others.

4. Take a Class Together

It is no secret that moms can be very selfless, they prioritize the needs of everyone else and forget themselves. Enrolling in class together will at the very least take their minds off the troubles at home. A few examples of classes you could enroll in include baking, fitness dance, gardening, flower arranging, and dog training classes.

Sharing a class with your mom will also give you a chance to bond with your mom as you tackle new challenges and learn new things together.

5. Visit a Public Space

Visiting places or exploring interests that you both enjoy will definitely get you both talking more. It’s a chance to enrich your engagement as you will have new things to talk about.

Some public spaces you could visit include the park (for nature-loving moms), exploring different museums (for moms that love to explore and learn about historical facts), and, for animal-loving moms, the animal zoo is a great destination to learn about the different and unique animals found there.

6. Learn a New Skill

The world is full of endless possibilities, and thanks to God for technology since, from the palm of your hands (through your mobile phone), you can learn so many critical skills. Here is a list of skills that you and your mom can learn together;

Sign language: to help you communicate with a wider range of people.

Photography: to help you take better pictures (who wouldn’t want to take pictures like a pro).

Math help skills: not only will this skill help your mom budget or plan the family money better, but you will also have someone to help you out with your math homework.

7. Paint Your Walls

If you are tired of the colors on the walls of your home, house painting is something you might want to take up. The thing is, house painting doesn’t have to feel like a chore. You and your mom can put on your overalls or baggy t-shirts and have fun in the process.

There are so many ways you could paint your walls. You could do different designs, mix up colors to come up with your own customized colors, and you could also set aside one side of the wall where you are only limited by your creativity. Here, you could paint all sorts of designs and have the craziest color combinations, as long as you are enjoying the time you are spending together.

8. Clean Out Your Home

Another way you could kill two birds with one stone is by spending quality time with your mom and cleaning out the house. How many clothes do you have in your closet that you no longer wear? Or how many collectibles does your mom have that now just look like clutter all over the house? Well, you might want to start a junk removal businesses and have fun while at it.

There is definitely a story behind every junk you have in your house. Remember the first time you got heartbroken and there was a specific music band that spoke to your heart, and so you went out and bought all their merchandise? These are the stories you can share while getting rid of that ‘junk’. Laugh or cry if need be? What better way to get over your past mistakes and go down memory lane?

9. Go Out on a Picnic

When the weather is just right, when it is not too hot or too cold, take advantage of it. Pack a meal and a few drinks and head out to the great outdoors. You might be asking yourself, why not have the meal in the house?

There are so many benefits to going out for a picnic. Here are a couple:

It is a great way for the two of you to bond: when you are not in a financial position to afford a fancy restaurant or vacation, going out for a picnic with just a simple meal will create an ideal moment for the both of you to bond.

To breathe in the fresh air: today, a majority of moms are working moms. They are either cooped up in the house working from home or in an office. Breathing indoor air throughout is not healthy for your body, hence if you get a chance to get your mother out of the house for a picnic, grab it. A breath of fresh air will leave your mom feeling energized and ready to face the new week ahead.

Take a moment to reflect: when you are out in the park on a picnic, lay down on the mat you carried facing the clear blue sky. This will give you an ideal time to reflect and appreciate the things that matter.

It is a great way to get Vitamin D: how often does your mom get the chance to just sit out and enjoy the sun? If she rarely goes out, she is at risk of suffering from Vitamin D deficiency and other bone diseases.

Enjoy a healthy mood boost: yes, you might argue that a cup of coffee can do that for you. However, an hour in the healthy sun will leave you feeling even better.

10. Take on Some Challenges While Shopping

If you and your mom enjoy shopping, why not make it more interesting? Challenge each other to see who will get the most items with a specific amount of money. Or who gets the best deal on a sweater you have both been eyeing.

Playing dress-up while shopping is another great way to bond. Try on expensive dresses and the weirdest styles you would not picture yourself wearing. This will give you something to laugh and talk about beyond the price of the dress.

There are also some very cool things you could do together if your mother is the sporty type. Here are several of these:

11. Playing Her Favorite Sport

Find out what sport your mom enjoyed playing in her early days and find a way to make it happen again. If it is bike riding, get clear directions on the route you are to take when riding your bike and involve every member of the family. A family hike in the woods is a great way to spend time with your mom.

12. Plan a Stress-Free Day for Her

Mothers are always stressing over something. You could either choose to take her away or just stay at home for some peace and quiet. If she loves to read, get her a book you feel she will enjoy reading, have some refreshments nearby and let her be. This will give her an opportunity to relax and unwind, something she very much deserves.

13. Plan a Road Trip

Find places that are close enough but not too close and plan a day trip to visit them. This could be a site with beautiful rivers, a mountain, or even a forest with some rare trees.

You could also head out for an impromptu road trip, pack a few snacks and drinks, get your favorite music playlist, and hop into the car and see where the road takes you.

14. Camping Out

Setting up a tent somewhere in the wild or even in your backyard and then creating a fire where you can all sit around telling scary or funny stories as you roast your marshmallows could be all the family needs to unwind. It would be even better if your mom had not been involved in any of the planning. Nothing works better than the element of surprise.

15. Plan an Outdoor Movie Night

Pick a day when the movie that is showing is one of the oldies your mom loves. Get yourselves some popcorn, blacklist, and maybe a pillow, and enjoy your movie through a projector under the stars.

16. Go on a Retreat

If both of you have been complaining about burnout and fatigue, it is time to go on a retreat. Not only will this add to the list of memories you share, but when you Zen out with someone you love, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle life.

17. Enjoy a Drink Together

Do you and your mom love some good wine? Take her out to a wine-tasting gala and indulge in meals you have never tried before. You could also invite some of her close friends to join you. The more the merrier.

18. Host a Karaoke Night at Your House

Pick songs that your mom loved in her young days and sing your lungs out. No, you do not need to have a singing voice to have an amazing karaoke night. As long as you can speak, you will do great at karaoke. This can be something you can do as a family or you could invite over some neighbors and friends. Make sure there are enough refreshments and snacks for everyone.

19. Family Game Night

Typically, parents are responsible for organizing game nights. How about you doing all the planning on your own for a change. Order enough pizzas from your mom’s favorite pizza place and gather everyone into the living room.

There are many games you can host on such nights. These include;

SHOUT IT: this is a fun and easy game that is also very educational. It is also perfect for different age groups (kids and grownups).

PASS IT ON: this game is somewhat like a broken telephone and is also very easy to play.

GIANT FEET: this is yet another incredible game to have. It can be played indoors or outdoors. It is a favorite for many families.

20. Head Out to the Beach

Sometimes, all you need is to lie under a beach umbrella while enjoying your drink and the views to lift your spirits. Do whatever is in your power and not want to pass up an opportunity to go to the beach. This is something both of you will love and makes for a fun memory.

Between work and ensuring the family is taken care of, mothers hardly get time for self-care. It does not have to be Mother’s Day or her birthday to do something special for her.



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