Three of the Best Recreational Magazines for All Types

Recreation magazine

Did you know, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 10% of the United States is forest lands? Five percent of that number is reserved land for wildlife preserves and state and national forests. According to Enchanted Learning, the United States of America comprises 3.79 million square miles. If five percent of that is reserved, that means there are 189,500 miles for lovers of the outdoors to explore for fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.

Despite the wide amount of available land, or perhaps because of it, it can be difficult for us to find exciting places to go for these activities. Recreational magazines help outdoor hobbyists of all types to find great locations, new techniques and gear, and to provide them with the knowledge to be safe doing so. Here are three great recreation magazines for fishers, hikers, and equestrians.

  • Horse and Rider Magazine
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    Horse and Rider is a recreational magazine geared toward breeders, caretakers, and riders of Americas proud equines. For years now, the magazine has offered horse enthusiasts a great source of riding tips, trail riding, ranch life, and other parts of horse culture. Horse and Rider has since made the crossover to the internet where it now offers its fans videos about the same great topics it has always covered.

  • Backpacker Magazine
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    Backpacker Magazine is the premiere recreational magazine for fans of finding their way around the wilderness on foot. Like most modern publications, Backpacker publishes both a traditional print magazine and online. If you are looking for a source of trail information, survival skills training, gear, and a community to reinforce all of those things for you, look no further than Backpacker Magazine.

  • Sport Fishing
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    According to My Outdoor Buddy, at least 90 million Americans enjoy some form of wildlife-related recreational activity. One of the most popular is fishing. Sport Fishing magazine gives readers in-depth looks at the latest in lure, techniques, fishing spots, and videos covering all of them on their great website. For fishermen looking for a modern way to keep up, Sport Fishing is likely the best source in print or on the world wide web.

Whatever type of outdoors experience you like to enjoy, there is a recreational magazine for you. If you like to fish, ride horses, hike, or do anything else that brings you to mother nature, why not start with the best sources of information on all of those things? Pick up a recreational magazine covering your favorite outdoor hobby today!

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