Fluff. It’s the kind of thing that conjures to mind a soft, almost fuzzy feel. Similar to a the cotton balls placed in medicine jars or fluffy hair that seems to be so soft like silk. Then there is another substance that fluff refers to, this time on the slopes of mountains. This is the snow fluff.

Fluffy snow is present on many of the mountains out west, though it can also be present on the Appalachian mountains that run from Maine all the way to Georgia. Fluffy snow is made possibly by numerous mechanisms in nature and gives rise to numerous sports that are often considered “extreme.”

These extreme sports are part of an event called the “X-Games.”

There are even snow sports that are part of the Olympics.

With the winter Olympics just held in South Korea, many of the sports that are not seen often or practiced often gained a level of exposure that they don’t usually see throughout each year. These sports are snowboarding, skiing, snow walking, snow shooting, hockey, and many more.

These sports are played on snow or on ice and each requires a temperature below freezing for the ground. They are played in the northern states of the United States or played out west, where the elevation of the mountains creates cooler temperatures and allows for snow to fall.

Taken one by one, these sports show a level of athleticism that rivals those that are played either indoors or in southern states. The first one worth looking at is hockey, which requires men or women to skate on small thin metal blades around the ice. They are required to do numerous things, including stopping quickly and shooting a puck.

Another sport is snowboarding. It is a sport where a person dresses in warm clothing and attaches their feet to a long wooden board. This board is navigated at a 90 degree angle, meaning a person is always facing sideways while using a snowboard. This board is heavy and requires a great deal of strength to turn.

Another sport is skiing. In skiing, a person attaches each foot to a long wooden board. The board is narrow and the person skates down the mountain using the boards and two ski poles, which can be used for direction. Each of these sports is present in the mountains or in cold places.

These sports are not just part of the Olympics, an event where people gain medals for performance. They are part of the “X-Games” which are often seen as the “Extreme Games”. These games are known for different events, such as the half-pipe, the slalom, the snow shoot, and more.

The half pipe is an event where someone who is snowboarding goes down a slope and then launches into this “half-pipe” of snow, then rides the walls of that half-pipe to do tricks. A person who does the most tricks or the best tricks will gain a certain score above the others.

Many of the tricks on a half-pipe are spins. A person will climb the walls of the half-pipe and do a series of circles, then land back on the half pipe.

There are some statistics associated with this. They are:

  • Just under 41,000 all-terrain vehicles were sold to customers in early 2017.
  • Global spending on motorsports was projected to total $5.58 billion in 2016.
  • Last year, there were 118,657 snowmobiles sold worldwide.
  • There are over 1.2 million registered snowmobiles in the US.
  • Over 100,000 full-time jobs are generated by the snowmobile industry.

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