Recreational Boating Is More Popular Than Ever Practical Advice For Choosing Your Own Pontoon Boat

What’s one of the most popular recreational family hobbies in America today?

If you named anything either in or around a major body of water, you’re onto something. Americans may be a very diverse group, but a major unifying factor is a great love of fun in the sun. Boating is an old-fashioned hobby that can extend to idle fishing by the shore or long hours swimming at a favorite lake. Whatever you want to get into boating for, make sure you buy the right type first. Used boats come in many different shapes and sizes, but it’s only a handful that will truly compliment your life.

Let’s take a look at recreational boating today and where you fit into the mix.

Today’s Thriving Boating Statistics

Boating has taken off without a hitch. Back in 2016 over 140 million Americans went boating, whether as a weekend hobby or as a family celebration. Recreational boating sales jumped an impressive 3% between 2015 and 2016, bringing the total revenue to $35 billion. The NMMA (short for National Marine Manufacturers Association) is predicting another 5% increase in new boat sales over the next year or so. Powerboats, in particular, are a great choice for individuals and families alike.

Most Popular Boating Hobbies

What do people like to do when they pull out their used boats for a few hours of fun? It depends on the personality type. Those that are seeking some good relaxation (and a little reward) tend to gravitate to fishing, while those that are more sporty may prefer wakeboarding. Swimming is a good middleground for those that don’t want to spend too much effort on supplies. It’s important to think about your hobbies when buying used boats, as their size and style will compliment your activities.

Popular Used Boat Types

There’s no reason to go straight for the newest model. Used boats are just as sturdy, with the added bonus of being more affordable, and remain the most popular recreational purchase among middle-class Americans. A recent study found a majority 95% of boats in the United States measure less than 25 to 26 feet in total length. Back in 2016 over 980,000 pre-owned boats were sold across the country, raking in nearly $10 billion in sales. Premier pontoons are perfect for fishing, swimming, and relaxing the day away.

Basic Used Boat Accessories

Just like buying a car or a bicycle, you need good accessories to supplement your experience. Pontoon boat parts and accessories take on the form of marine carpets, for those that love to go swimming, and ice boxes for fishers. Interestingly enough, nearly 95% of all recreational boats sold in the United States were also made stateside. A premier pontoon dealer can talk to you about your budget and lifestyle, helping you figure out what works best. This will not only make your vacation more enjoyable, but it can also save you money.

Taking Good Care Of Your Boat

Premier pontoon dealers are seeing some seriously good sales these past few years. Millions of Americans want to bring out the best in their vacation or idle weekend hours, shirking the more common bar hopping in favor of an activity that’s both simple and wholesome. Used boats can come in smaller sizes for fishing and larger sizes for family outings. It doesn’t hurt to try one out yourself and see how comfortable you feel once you’re on the water. Before you commit to marine pontoons for sale, ask yourself this…

What do you hope to leave with at the end of a long, eventful day out on the lake?

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