There are many different sports that are popular within the United States. Some of these sports include, but are not limited to, basketball, football, soccer; and importantly, baseball. Baseball can be considered an all-American sport, and many people enjoy watching it on television as well as playing the game in a field. Some people play baseball as a recreational sport, and other play baseball professionally.

If you are an avid baseball player, and play this sport recreationally, there are some things you should know to improve your game with friends. More specifically, here are the benefits of baseball bat shaving and rolling.

Shaved Bats

Before discussing baseball bat shaving and rolling, it is important to discuss what shaved bats actually are. It is also important to discuss a bat shaving service that will successfully complete all your baseball bat needs.

By definition, baseball shaving is the action of removing the piece known as the cap on your bat. The cap is found at the front of the baseball bat. Once the cap is removed, baseball bat shaving services will take out some of the materials on the inside of the bat. This is done because once that material is missing, the buoyancy of the bat increases. You’ll want your baseball bat to be buoyant so each time you hit the ball, it will go further and further. But, more on that later!

Once the material is removed from the inside of the bat, the cap is replaced on the baseball bat using products such as adhesive that is flexible.

It is important to note that whether you’re requesting shaved fastpitch softball bats, shaved slowpitch softball bats, or baseball bats, there is a certain time you’ll want to hire baseball bat shaving services. For example, you should not have bats shaved during the winter time because they cannot withstand cold temperatures. If it’s colder than 65 degrees outside, you will want to use a traditional bat for your baseball games. Also, you should hire baseball bat shaving services in the spring or summer months to complete your modified baseball bat.

Rolled Baseball Bats

To begin, before discussing the benefits of baseball bat shaving and rolling, it is now appropriate to discuss what rolled bats are. They are different- mainly the process is different, than shaved bats. Bat rolling involves actual equipment the services will have to use in order to modify your baseball bat.

To be more specific, your baseball bat will be placed between rollers. There are exactly two of them. An individual will squeeze the rollers together, and push them in a back and forth type motion. This motion helps create more buoyancy in your baseball bat. So, similarly to shaved bats, you’re baseball bat will become more bouncy.

Baseball Bat Shaving And Rolling

Now that you know what baseball shaving and rolling are, it is time to discuss how this can benefit you, your performance, and your next baseball game. Your friends are certainly going to have some competition and they’ll be impressed with your new-found skills!

Are you ready to win your next baseball game?

Performance: So, this was slightly mentioned previously, but a shaved or rolled bat completely changes your performance when playing a game of baseball. When you hit the ball, your ball will travel faster and farther, compared to if your baseball bat wasn’t shaved or rolled. This is because your modified bat is more flexible and lighter. So, if you want to hit faster balls and have them travel farther-possibly a home run, you should consider getting your bat rolled or shaved.

Durable: Some people incorrectly believe that shaving a bat or rolling a bat will negatively affect the sport equipment in the long run. However, shaved bats and rolled bats are quite durable. This means that the bat will not wear down quickly where you will need to replace your modified bat. Instead, it is long lasting so you get a lot of games and use out of it.

Hitting: Lastly, shaved and rolled bats improves your hitting accuracy.

It is important to note that shaved bats and rolled bats should not be used in professional games.

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