Over time everything gets dirty, this is simply a fact of life. Even a boat, that sees so much of its life on the ocean does not escape the elements. One of the dirtiest parts of a boat can be the marine carpet. With people walking along inside of your boat there is shoe residue and paraphernalia from fish and everything else that is placed down within your boat on your boat flooring. These carpets could use marine carpet replacement every few years. Purchasing new boat carpet kits is imperative to keeping your boat in shape and being able to proudly display your boat to all of your friends. Did you know that over the course of your boats life you will probably only have to spend 10% on the up keep of your boat that you spent on the vessel as a whole? This is why keeping the carpet up to shape is an important one. But what exactly happens after you buy new boat carpet kits? How do you install these things and how do you keep up with them?

So after one too many beers have been spilled on your carpet it is time to install a new one. You order your carpet and suddenly you don’t have the first clue what to do with your new boat carpet kit, well never fear, installing these boat carpet kits can be confusing at first but it will get easier.

How To Measure And Cut Your Boat Carpet

Starting with the widest carpet area will save you stress, give yourself a little extra room when placing your pieces down, this will make for a better fit. When placing your carpet pieces down be sure the grains of the carpet are going in the right directions or else this leads to the carpet not looking as if it is the same colors. When cutting your carpet be sure to use a heavy-duty knife or scissors. Box cutters are not preferable.

Marine Carpet Glue

Choosing a glue for your marine carpet can be difficult for those who are new to taking care of their boats. Finding a glue that is known to be used on boat flooring is an important part of restoring your boat floor. There are many types of glues that are meant for this sort of carpet and will save you the hassle of constantly having to worry about boat floor repair. Choose carefully the first time you are laying your flooring down.

Working in sections is important. Do not try to put the entire floor down in one shot or there will be plenty of problems you will run into. Taking your time and being precise will go a long way. Your boat flooring being carefully installed will make for a smoother time with you and your new flooring.

Upkeep After Instillation

Cleaning your boat flooring after installing your boat carpet kits will help your carpet last longer. Fist start with the front of the boat, hose the carpet down with a normal garden hose until the carpet is drenched. Carefully brush out your carpet with a soft cloth and scrub out any loose dirt that may be stuck within the grains of the rug. Finally, re-saturate your carpet with water and leave it alone to dry.

Keeping your boating floor in good shape will insure that you have many years trekking out into the deep blue sea. Enjoy your time out on the water and make many memories with your boating friends.

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