Whitewater rafting

We’ve all read the headlines: suicide bombings in Denmark, mass shootings in France, train bombings in Spain. While Europe used to be a relatively safe haven for tourists, it seems those days are a thing of the past. In fact, with terror attacks on the rise worldwide, nearly all international travel is no longer as safe as it once was. In response to this, more and more Americans are turning to domestic United States vacations to fill the wanderlust gap that international travel used to fill. If you’re searching for an affordable and, most importantly, safe adventure vacation, look no further than an exciting expedition of river rafting the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon: America’s National Treasure

The Grand Canyon is one of the oldest and largest geological features on the planet and currently attracts around 5 million visitors each year. It is estimated that the Colorado River began eroding the Grand Canyon around 17 million years ago. Today, the Grand Canyon stretches 277 miles in length and varies between 4 and 18 miles in width. Lying at the heart of the canyon is the Colorado River. The Paiute Indian tribe calls the canyon Kaibab, which means “mountain lying down” or “mountain turned upside down.” The creamy white Kaibab Limestone forms the surface on which the park’s many daily visitors stand while viewing the canyon.

Grand Canyon Rafting

About 77% of Americans view outdoor recreation as an important part of their lives, and 28% of all Americans currently participate in ? or intend to participate in ? whitewater rafting. River rafting the Grand Canyon has become one of the most popular adventure vacation choices in America. Tourists as young as 8 years old and as old as 80 can enjoy Grand Canyon water rafting trips, which vary in length and difficulty based on visitor’s desires.

Grand Canyon rafting trips are an exciting way to view America’s largest geological feature and the wildlife that inhabits it. Rafting trips not only expose tourists to the great outdoors of the American west, but also provide an entertaining form of exercise: the average 155-pound person burns 352 calories whitewater rafting, while the average 180-pound person burns 409. Vacation no longer has to take a toll on your waistline!

Your Family’s Next Adventure

Next time you are planning an adventure vacation, there’s no need to suffer the expense and dangers of international travel. Book a tour that includes river rafting the Grand Canyon and experience the best sights and thrills America has to offer.

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