How to Host a Make Your Own Pizza Party for Adults

There are many different types of parties you can throw for yourself and your friends. For instance, you can have game night, DIY wine tasting, or a film screening. These are all great ideas, but if you want a popular idea that makes everyone eager to join in the fun, then you can’t go wrong with a make your own pizza party for adults. The good news is that a make your own pizza party for adults is pretty easy to set up. Still, you might need some ideas to ensure the party is a resounding success. Keep reading to discover how to host a make your own pizza party for adults.

Find the Perfect Pizza Party Venue

The idea behind a make your own pizza party for adults is pretty simple. This is a party where you invite guests over, and they get to make their own pizza and choose their own toppings. This is a pretty creative process where people get to share ideas, laugh, have fun, and be merry. Keep in mind that this is also an adult party, so there may be some risque elements. That means you need a safe environment that kids can’t access. You may be keen on hosting your own make your own pizza party for adults, but your venue might not be suitable. Perhaps you have kids at home who might interrupt the party too often.

Or maybe your apartment is too cramped to fit everyone in, and your kitchen barely has enough countertop space to arrange the ingredients. To avoid drastic measures like hiring a kitchen designer or focusing on a basement finishing to free extra space, your best bet is to find the perfect venue. Start by asking your family and friends who have suitable homes if they can accommodate you for the party. You can also consider looking for a pizza restaurant that allows you to throw the party there, but this can be expensive, especially if you factor in the cost of moving and storage space.

Prepare Your Dough Ahead of Time

If you want to streamline your make your own pizza party for adults, one of the best things you can do is to make your own pizza dough in advance. While you can always use store-bought pizza dough, some people might not like how different brands taste. If you’re a pro at making a light and crispy homemade pizza dough, this will go a long way towards making the party more enjoyable and the food more delicious. You can have plenty of time to prepare your pizza dough because you can freeze or chill it and then bring it out when needed.

Now, when it comes to recipes, even if you’re not familiar with the process, there are numerous recipes available for free. There are different kinds of pizza dough recipes, so you can easily find recipes to suit your schedule and skill level. The good news is each recipe is enough to make several pizzas, so you may not have a lot of work to do. In case you weren’t aware, there’s a basic method that you can follow to make your pizza dough. The process involves gathering and measuring all your ingredients as specified in the instructions.

You then combine salt, water, and yeast before adding the flour. Once you have the dough nicely together, give it a rest for 20 minutes before kneading it until it’s elastic. You then leave the dough, so it ferments for as long as possible. The last step is to shape the dough into balls, wrap it in plastic, then leave it to chill while it’s in the fridge. When the time comes for your pizza party, you only have to let the dough reach room temperature, stretch it, and get ready to add toppings.

Research About the Best Pizza Toppings

If you’re hosting a make your own pizza party for adults, you’re spoilt for choice because there’s a seemingly long list of endless ideas to choose from. You can even find some unusual ideas, such as bacon pickle pizza, mac and cheese pizza, chopped Italian salad pizza, plus more. That said, if you want to err on the side of the majority, you can’t go wrong by including the all-time favorites. You can even ask your invitees to chip in with great ideas for toppings so that everyone feels included. You can also do your own research to find out which pizza toppings are hugely popular.

When it comes to which pizza toppings are universally loved, you can safely stick to the classics, such as pepperoni pizza. This topping can create many nostalgic moments since it’s a favorite option for most people when they are younger. In fact, most toppings that include meat are widely popular, so be sure to add toppings like sausage, bacon, chicken, and beef. Veggie options are also good to mix in for those who are vegetarian. Great options include mushrooms, onions, peppers, black olives, tomato and basil, and spinach. Cheese can also be classified as a topping if you add it on top of the base cheese.

Create Your Own Homemade Sauce

So far, we have discussed making your own pizza dough, which also serves as the base. If you want to keep up with this theme, you can go ahead and make the sauce. There are many recipes you can follow to make a delicious homemade pizza sauce, and some of them can be completed in as little as five minutes. For instance, one of the easiest homemade pizza recipes involves sauteing some onions in olive oil and adding garlic, spices, tomato paste, and whole tomatoes. You simmer the sauce, making sure the tomatoes are completely broken down before adding a bit of sugar, and then you’re done.

Of course, you still have plenty of room to tweak the recipe and make the sauce more elaborate and tastier. In any case, don’t underestimate the importance of pizza sauce – it can make or break your pizza recipe. Besides dough and sauce, make sure you have everything you need to start making pizzas. You don’t have to make everything from scratch, fortunately. You can buy toppings and cheese, making sure they are high quality for the best-tasting pizza.

Ensure You Have All the Kitchen Tools You Need

If you don’t regularly make pizza at home, you might want to look into the type of pizza-making tools you can buy to streamline the process when your party is in full swing. You might be surprised at the number of tools available that are all related to the making of pizza. The basics include a pizza cutter which is handy when everyone wants to slice up their creations. A pizza cutter has a rolling blade, so it’s easy to divvy up and get eating. You can also invest in a pizza stone which is designed to help your dough cook evenly. Thus it comes out looking extra crispy. Still, another tool you can get is the pizza scizza which is essentially a scissor for pizza that you use to cut the pizza. The list of kitchen tools you might enjoy having for your party includes a dough scraper, a pizza cookbook, a ladle for pouring sauce, oven mitts, and a cast iron skillet. While some of these tools are not a necessity, they can certainly make the process smoother and less tedious.

Create an Efficient Setup

With a make your own pizza party, everyone will be required to be hands-on. Therefore, it’s up to you to create the perfect setup that allows people to create their pizzas as efficiently as possible. Start by making sure that all the ingredients and toppings are arranged neatly and that you have all the tools required. You should also brief everyone beforehand to let them know about each stage of the process. This will keep everyone on the same page and prevent confusion or scenarios where people keep bumping into each other trying to locate the bowel with the toppings.

Embrace the Italian Theme

According to Wonderopolius, pizza was first invented in Naples, Italy and the story even involves a certain queen called Margherita. The point is, we owe the Italians for this wonderful invention that’s now being thoroughly enjoyed by the rest of the world. If you want to hit the nail on the head with your adult make your own pizza party, consider adding an Italian theme to the mix. You can start off by looking for Italian pizza recipes. You’ll still have many options to choose from because you can find pizza recipes inspired by different Italian cities. You can also use sauces and products native to Italy, add Italian themed party decorations, and ask your friends to dress accordingly.

Make Sure the Cooking Area Is Well-Ventilated

Making pizza is such an enjoyable activity, but before you can get your party rolling, you also have to think about practical matters, such as whether your pizza oven needs a hood. The answer is yes, it does, and it will make your pizza taste so much better. If you can, it’s always a good idea to host your own pizza party for adults outdoors where you don’t have to open the windows to ventilate the room. You can enjoy some time outside on the grass after mowing while your pizza cooks nicely.

When you have an outdoor yard, you can make do without a hood, though this component is always needed if you want to ensure the best safety for your yard. But, if you have to do it indoors, you simply need to make sure that your pizza oven comes with a hood to control indoor temperature and prevent fires. The last thing you want is for your kitchen to fill up with smoke. The good news is that a pizza oven hood does a good job of directing fumes away, which keeps the environment comfortable and helps preserve the flavor of your pizza.

Add Extra Fun With More Activities

The thing about a make your own pizza party for adults is that it works best if you add some adult stuff in the mix. While making pizza is fun, you still need an excuse for why you didn’t invite the kids to the party. So while you’re planning your party, you need to research the best entertaining and fun activities for adults. For instance, what will everyone be up to while waiting for the pizza to cook in the oven? Make sure you have created the perfect environment that’s conducive to some fun. The best idea to escape the heat is to have fun outdoors. Ideally, the perfect venue would have a beautiful landscape design with great asphalt paving and signs of proper lawn care.

Even if you don’t have time to hire landscaping companies or beautify the landscaping, you can easily create a makeshift seating area where everyone can lounge around and relax. You can create a vibe and environment that’s just as comfortable as one that landscaping companies would create. Adult party games can help set the mood for the rest of the event. Some ideas you can explore include truth or dare, spin the bottle, and ‘Never Have I Ever.’ If you just want to keep things simple, you can set up a bar and keep the cocktails, beer, and wine coming. Then everyone can get drunk, eat pizza, and exchange adult stories.

Hopefully, these tips for how to make your own pizza party for adults will set you up for success, and you get to enjoy the whole affair. Do you know there are many overlooked benefits of being able to make your own pizza party for adults? For starters, the most crucial element of any party is good food, and most people will agree that pizza is one of the best inventions in the gourmet landscape. The good thing about hosting a make your own pizza party is that pizza is so flexible and customizable. There are many pizza recipes to accommodate all kinds of tastes, so your party is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

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