Fun DIY Home Projects to Spruce up your Space

Staying out of the home improvement stores is not always easy. You really cannot help wanting to make your place into your haven, which often means having to go somewhere else to get what you need. But there are ways to do things yourself if you are willing to learn how. So here are some fun DIY home projects that may be just what you want for your own space.

Paint an Accent Wall

Painting a wall is one of the fun DIY home projects for any homeowner. Painting an accent wall is a great way to add something new and fresh to your living space without too much effort or cash. It does not take long and is not permanent. So, if you tire of the splash of color in a month or two, paint over it. If your style allows for it, you can even get away with painting the entire room in the hue of your choice. Be sure to use high-quality paint that will stand up against daily wear and tear better than that garage sale special.

Add Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are far less expensive than they look, especially when you DIY them yourself using inexpensive lumber from big box stores. Installing floating shelves is one of the fun DIY home projects homeowners can undertake. The shelves are the perfect solution for people looking for a way to display their favorite books, collectibles, or other decors without devoting an entire wall to it. You can even switch them up from time to time by moving your items around and simply hanging new shelves in a different spot on the wall.

Hang Window Art

There are many fun DIY home projects homeowners can choose from. Window art is a great way to make a big impact with very little effort. Colors and shapes that play off the surrounding elements in a room draw the eye and provide character where bare windows once were. On top of that, it is an inexpensive option. Be sure to use water-soluble paint, so it does not leave any marks if you change your mind down the road about that flower print.

Make a Headboard

It does not matter if you are renting or owning your home. There are several ways to spruce up your home with fun DIY projects. A custom headboard easily gives the bedroom a little personality without breaking the bank. With just some plywood and fabric of your choice, you can have one of these in no time. Be sure to measure the dimensions of your bed ahead of time so everything lines up perfectly.

Use Wall Accents as Décor

There are various fun DIY home projects when it comes to decorating walls. Homeowners are not limited to shelves and art when decorating walls. One can also use decorative wall accents like vintage mirrors, metal signs, and big patterned tiles as decoration with great effect. Just make sure whatever you choose has an adhesive backing so it stays put. Otherwise, you will have a big mess to clean up when it comes crashing down.

Add LED Lighting

LED lights are great for creating moods in rooms without ceiling fixtures. This type of lighting installation is part of fun DIY projects to spruce up the home. LED lighting is particularly useful if the room lacks natural light during certain times of the day. Place them under cabinets or along surfaces on upper walls to create striking contrasts that draw attention. The lighting provides extra illumination without using too much energy. Plus, the lights are affordable enough that you can swap them out on occasion with whatever color strikes your fancy.

Use Book Page Wreaths

You can make inexpensive Christmas ornaments from old books. This is one of the fun DIY home projects using nothing more than some hot glue and scissors. Cut out shapes from old pages. Hearts are a nice touch for Valentine’s Day décor. Curl the sides inward with your fingers before gluing them into place with hot glue, creating flowers or other designs in addition to curling the pages if you wish. Be sure to let them dry fully before hanging them up.

Benchmark Your Temperature Changes

Temperature swings throughout different times of day can drive homeowners mad. However, with some fun DIY projects, there is no need to deal with them. You can make a simple thermometer using nothing more than an empty bottle. Fill it with colored water. Use a sharpie to mark each degree on the surface of the liquid. When things start to get out of whack in your home, glance at the thermometer to see which way you need to adjust.

Make Curtains From Fabric Shower Liners

Homeowners do not have to hire window treatment companies for some home updates. There are many fun DIY projects for your windows. If you are looking for an inexpensive but elegant addition to your windows, look no further than fabric shower liners.

The liners come in so many colors and prints that it is easy enough to find something that will match whatever color scheme you have going on already. All you need is some curtain rings or hooks on tension rods for installation, matching up the grommet top with the tension rod as you would a traditional curtain.

Put Up Wallpapers

Sometimes, it is nice to mix things up in fun DIY projects. Homeowners can do this by putting on new wallpaper instead of simply painting over what is already there like so many people do. It is an especially popular technique when looking for something that feels more classic or vintage than normal. There are many great online tutorials about putting wallpaper up the right way, whether you are doing a room or a whole house. It is fun to put on wallpaper yourself and see how great it looks when you are done.

Make Your Own Throw Pillows

A little fabric and some stuffing are all you need for a quick and simple way to change the look of a couch or a chair in your living room. You can easily pick out patterns that match your space perfectly at any fabric store. Cut out squares with an X-Acto knife for sewing later if necessary.

If you are working on a major painting project, use inexpensive throw pillows from thrift stores or department stores as makeshift paint samples. This is a great choice of fun DIY home projects for homeowners. You can paint each pillow an accent color to bring the room together or paint large swatches on one side to use as a guide on the wall.

Fix Up Old Furniture

Old pieces of furniture like massage chairs for home do not have to be boring. With a little paint and some new hardware, you can make an old table or chair look brand-new. Try to pick a style that matches your space, so it looks like it belongs there instead of standing out for the wrong reasons. If you do not have any furniture pieces at all yet, thrift stores are a great place to look for bargains on existing items, as well as new styles that might not cost too much money at all.

Get Organized With Storage Boxes

Closets get cluttered because there is only so much room in them. Storing off-season clothes or things that do not fit anymore in sturdy boxes instead of leaving them cluttering up your floor space is an example of fun DIY home projects. You can paint or decorate these boxes any way you want so they look good while also serving a purpose within your home.

Clean Your Blinds

Window blinds take both the brunt of the sun during the day and handle your touch most every day. So, it is not surprising that they sometimes get dirty and need cleaning. Using a vacuum attachment can help pull away dust. On the other hand, soap and water work well on blinds made of cloth or other materials. Just make sure to do this outside where you do not want to step in anything because it is easier than vacuuming up the splashback afterward.

Add a New Coat of Paint to Your Cabinets

Painting is one of the most popular and cheapest ways to transform the look of your room. If you are tired of your current painted color or want a change, this project is right for you. All it takes is a little preparation and time before moving forward with painting. A few tips when preparing to paint include knowing how many coats you will need and getting all your materials together before starting. Depending on the kitchen cabinet design ideas in your home, consider taking off any accessories in the room before painting it and cleaning up after yourself when you are finished.

Customize Your Bathroom

Do you want your bath refinishing to stand out from others in the neighborhood? If so, then here is a simple yet stylish DIY home improvement project that will do just that. Instead of placing towels on towel racks, hang them across the entire wall behind the door in this area instead. This frees up space in drawers and cabinets and makes users feel like they are exiting their private resort whenever they go inside to get ready after a bath or shower.

DIY Fence Installation

DIY fence installation is one of the fun DIY home projects to spruce up your space. It provides privacy and creates a unique look for your backyard or garden. Building a fence is a project anyone can do without the need of a fencing company. Before starting, install posts around the perimeter of the fenced area about ten inches into the ground if possible. Use pressure-treated lumber that resists rot, decay, insect infestation, as well as warping and mildew. The posts should also be strong enough to support the weight of the fence, the number of people who use it, and any impact from play or events.

Update the Exterior of Your Home

DIY home projects can be a great way to spruce up your space and make it feel like an entirely new room. If you are considering updating the exterior of your home, one of the easiest ways to update the appearance of your outdoor space is asphalt paving. This is especially true if you have grass outside on which nothing has been built. The roof and exterior of your home, especially in the summer months, is an often-overlooked part of household maintenance. You can makeover your roof without breaking the bank by taking on some simple, fun DIY roofing projects or consulting with a roofing service company.

Update Your Plumbing

If you want to upgrade the plumbing in your home, start by assessing the overall condition of the plumbing fixtures. Then you can assess appliances throughout your house. Also, check for any leaks or stains on your walls and ceilings that might indicate problems with water usage. Your local hardware store should have guides tailored to different plumbing issues usually found within residential homes. These guides will help you understand plumbing issues and solutions like hydro jet plumbing.

Make Garage Door Openers Smarter

Making the opener more intelligent is a great way to improve your garage door. You can replace the garage door opener’s learn mode with a master code. This is great for added convenience. The garage door can automatically close when you leave the house or immediately after coming back in. DIY garage door ideas do not get much simpler than this. All this is achieved without hiring garage door repair professionals. Check if your garage door openers are already compatible, then download a guide outlining how smart home devices can improve garage security.

Nothing is more satisfying than coming back to a living space that is neat and organized. There are plenty of fun DIY home projects out there that are perfect for people looking to increase the value of their homes while also saving themselves some time and money.

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