upgrading your garage

Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

Updated 5/6/22

You might not decide to upgrade your garage as quickly as the other rooms in your house. There are people who remodel their bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms and fail regularly without really thinking about their garage doors. However, an overhead door company should have products that will help you get different garage doors quickly.

Sometimes, you will need to know the garage door model number. They can also offer you a garage door repair free quote. These people have the services to make sure that you will get accurate garage door repair each time. If you need accurate garage door services, you will be sure to get them for the door that you do have.

If there are issues with the garage door that you have at home, you will usually be able to see them for yourself. The problems usually will not be purely functional. They might be cosmetic as well, which will make a difference for the people who are trying to make sure that they make their houses look as presentable as possible.



Different garage door companies can help people do something new with their garages. The garage cabinet setup in any garage can have a surprisingly strong effect on the space’s overall appearance.

People will store some items on their garage floors, especially if they need room for bicycles, wheelbarrows, or different power tools. However, for the most part, people will still use shelves and cabinets to store things in their garages. In a garage for house, it’s particularly important for people to find a way to use their wall space more thoroughly and successfully. Garage shed organizers can help.

Some people will also make changes related to garage benches and storage spaces. There might not be room for a garage bench in every garage. However, these benches can have a lot of different uses, so plenty of people will decide to add them. Some individuals might spend a relatively large amount of time working in their garages, and a garage bench could be helpful.

By fitting the garage bench against the walls of the garage, people can save a lot of space elsewhere throughout the area. The garage will also often look less messy as a result. People won’t just have to use their garages for the sake of storage.

Upgrading Your Garage

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Fall is a great time to upgrade your garage. If having a dream garage is on your agenda or you simply want to have extra space in your garage the way to reach your goal is to upgrade your garage.

You can upgrade your garage over a weekend. It can be an affordable way to improve your lifestyle and give you the garage of your dreams. Don’t let all that extra space go to waste. Upgrade your garage into a highly usable space.

What Do You Imagine For Your Garage?

When you step in your garage and take a look around what do you imagine the perfect garage looks like? Are you striving to have a space for your strength-building program equipment? Do you see a combination space where you can store all your extra stuff, workout, and have room for a mini-workshop?

Defining how you want your garage to support your lifestyle is your first step in the upgrade of your garage process. Some crafty homeowners use their garage space as a home office by simply removing or modifying their garage door and adding some wall studs and a regular exterior door.

Garage space is often ignored as usable space, but it can be a great solution for the need to expand your home. The beauty of taking the time to upgrade your garage is that most of the work is already done for you. You are working with a blank slate that you can tweak to best fit your lifestyle.

All you need to get started is a vision. If you have the money, and you want to do some big garage transformation there are construction companies that specialize in garage conversions. If you want to manage the changes on a smaller budget, there are ways to get the job done with some DIY tips.

upgrading your garage

For example, most garages are not climate controlled which means if you are going to use your garage for things like a physical therapy exercise, weight training, and cardio, you may want to consider some climate control installation.

You do not have to go all out and run your ductwork into the garage you can add climate control options to your garage with window ac installation for the hot summer months, and a portable heater for the winter months.

Being innovative to make your vision a reality is an easy way to upgrade your garage as a DIY project. Once you have your vision in place, it is time to get to work.

Clear the Mess

The first step in any project that involves an upgrade to your garage after you have decided what you want to do with space, is out with the old and in with the new. Garages typically become catchall spaces where the clutter can really pile up.

About 38 million Americans camp and around 45 million Americans enjoy fishing, and all their gear typically ends up in the garage. Of course, boaters, skiers, people with pools, and other outdoor enthusiasts also use their garage to store their equipment. You also have to consider that garages usually have auto repair gear and supplies. The list of what winds up in the garage can be endless.

Before you upgrade your garage you are going to have to organize, pare down, and make some decisions about the clutter. If you “need” all the stuff that is stored in the garage and cannot part with any of it, consider having an outdoor shed built to use as storage.

Sometimes the answer is having a free-standing garage built so that you can use one garage for storage and the other one for the space that you intend. Amish garage builders are a good option if you decide that to make your garage vision come true you need a secondary space. They can easily build a custom garage that will blend seamlessly with the design of your home.

Most people do not need an entirely new building, what they need is to get rid of some junk. We all put broke things in the garage that we intend on getting fixed and never quite get around to it. A methodical approach to clearing away the clutter will give you the blank space that you need to upgrade your garage.

upgrading your garage

Here are some organization and decluttering tips for your garage:

  • Make three piles of stuff. The first pile is the keep pile, the second pile is the donate pile, and the third pile is the trash pile. Now is a good time to throw away anything that is broken that has been sitting for more than 3 months.
  • If you did not use it the previous season, get rid of it. If it has been a while since you used a piece of equipment, it is time to part with it. There is no sense in hanging on to things that you no longer use. Make peace with it and remove it from your garage.
  • Everything you own needs a home. Invest in shelving systems, hooks, and other organizers that will allow everything in your garage to have a place. Organizing the space will free up the room that you need to upgrade your garage.
  • Invest in tubs and containers. Coupling like things together and putting them in a plastic tub or container will make it easy to find what you are looking for and keep your garage organized.

Once you have the clutter cleared and you have your stuff organized, it is time to assess the condition of your garage. What do the walls look like? Do you need to paint them? How about the roof of your garage?

Garages are often ignored when it comes to the roof, walls, and floor. A roof inspection may reveal that there are some repairs that are necessary. Before you start the transformation you want to make sure that all your hard work is going to be protected.

If an inspection of your roof reveals you have some missing roof tiles or there are other necessary repairs it is well worth investing in professional roofing services. Making sure your garage is structurally sound and all the working parts are working as they should be done before you upgrade your garage.

Now The Fun Can Begin

upgrading your garage

You decluttered, you painted, your roof is fixed, and your garage doors are working as they should, now the fun can begin. At this stage, you can start really focusing on the changes that will upgrade your garage and turn it into the space that you envisioned at the beginning.

If you ever have experienced what it takes to build home on your land than you likely already have some great ideas. If home improvement is all new to you then you can definitely use some tips in making your garage more room-like and less storage space like.

You can start with flooring. Most garage floors are cement. Cement floors are not really a great aesthetic. They are grey and typically do not have a finished look. A little effort when it comes to improving your garage floor can give you the motivation you need to really put some work into the upgrade.

Here are some garage floor flooring options:

  • Etched and polished cement. Cement can be painted, sealed, and polished to give a great aesthetic finish.
  • Epoxy coating. A thick epoxy coating gives your garage floor a nice durable surface that also looks great.
  • Cover it with thick industrial rubber mats. If you do not want to put the work into painting and sealing the floor, you can cover it all up with thick industrial mats.

Refinishing your garage floor can improve the aesthetics, help to keep the space warmer in the winter, and add value to the space. Of course, it also gives you the perfect backdrop for the upgrades that you want to add.

Insulating Your Garage

Many garage spaces are not insulated. If your garage was left without the interior being finished and many times they are, you have an advantage. Before you add the sheetrock to finish the walls you can tuck in some insulation.

Garages are not typically insulated even when they are attached to homes. If the walls are already in place, consider having a professional come out and retrofit the space for insulation. They can blow insulation behind the walls. This will make the space far more comfortable, and can actually lower the energy consumption in the rest of the house.

Painting, flooring, and insulation will make the space feel more a part of the house and will make it easier to upgrade your garage into the space that you want it to be. Of course, taking the time do insulate your garage, also increases the value of your home.

Creating The Space

Whether you have a one-car garage or a three-car garage, dividing the space up into different stations of functional space is the way to get the most out of your garage. For example, you need space to store your tools, you need a space where you can workout, and you need a little office space as well.

Making sure that you can get all the living you can out of your garage starts by dedicating one wall in the garage to a specific activity. Let’s say you want a workout area, a workshop area, and a space to get some office work done.

Choose a wall or a section where you will be working out. In that section, you will put down rubber mats to ensure dropped weights do not damage the flooring. Consider investing in compact workout equipment to save on the amount of space you need for your exercise area.

upgrading your garage

Invest in peg boards, and work surfaces to create the workshop area that you want. Now you have two wall areas that create two separate spaces. You should have one wall space left to create the home office that you need. Keep in mind if you want to create a home office area you may have to run additional wiring to the space. If you are not confident in your electrical skills, hire an electrician to manage this important part when you upgrade your garage.

By separating your garage into spaces that use the walls as guidelines, you can create three equal spaces without ever having to break out the tape measure. With some organization skills and the right shelving, you will be simply amazed at how much space is available in your garage to make it highly functional.

Other Ideas That Upgrade Your Garage

Maybe you are at a juncture where you just do not know what you want to do with your garage. Maybe you see it as a guest room down the road or a playroom for the kids. It is okay if you are not sure what you want to do with space. You can still upgrade your garage to increase the value of your home.

The same initial steps you would take when you have a clear vision for space can upgrade your garage as a home for your car. Insulate, paint, repair, and improve the flooring. Those activities are the backbone or upgrading your garage into your home gym or upgrading your garage to make it feel more a part of your home and to park your car.

Garage spaces are largely unfinished and underutilized spaces, which can be a good thing when you want to upgrade your garage. It means it does not take a lot of effort or a lot of money to make improvements. Anything that you do to your garage to make it more aesthetically pleasing is going to upgrade the space.

A garage upgrade is an easy project because you are starting off with a blank slate. It does not take much to upgrade your garage into a space you can feel proud of.

If you are ready to get more out of your garage space, or you simply are tired of not being able to find anything, you should upgrade your garage and transform your garage into a completely usable space that looks and feels like part of your home.

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