How High Speed Cameras Affect Our World

Written by Recreation Magazine on May 5th, 2016. Posted in High speed camera price, Phantom v611, Vision research incorporated wayne nj

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There are a few different kinds of cameras that can be used depending on the type of picture that you want to take. There’s everything 1000 FPS cameras to slow motion cameras to many other kinds. Photography is really about much more than just the taking of the picture. One must have an eye for angles, lighting and motion but the type of camera that is used makes a huge difference as well. Here are a few types of cameras to show you the options that you may have.

High Speed Cameras
A high speed camera has the ability to expose images at more than 1/1000. This is also known as more than 250 frames each second. Recording fast moving objects is difficult but after recording, the images are then played back in slow motion. Because the high speed camera is able to capture them at hig