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The tables have turned. Now that you and your sister are both college graduates who are working at your first jobs and living in your first homes with your spouses, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have transformed a little. Instead of whispering with your mother or father to plan gifts and surprises for the other parent, it is now you and your sister making the plans. No longer needing to rely on the cash provided by one parent to buy gifts for the other, both you and your sibling have enjoyed the last few years of planning unique gifts yourself.
Your latest gift idea is to purchase a pair of rotomolded kayaks, one for your mom, the other for your dad. Because the two celebrations are a month apart, however, it has taken some inventive plotting to get the idea to work. In a brilliant solution, your younger sister decided that you should tell your mom that for Mother’s Day you are going to rent high end recreational kayaks and standup paddleboards. When Father’s Day arrives, just a month later, you will return with the recreational equipment and let your parents know that these are not really rentals, but gifts.
Planning Gifts for Parents Can be a Challenge Solved with Rotomolded Kayaks and Other Types of Water Sports Equipment
Whether you are looking for kayaks for fishing or purely for recreation, gifts that get your parents up and moving are perfect. If you are looking for a way to encourage your parents to stay both healthy and active, water sporting equipment like rotomolded kayaks are an excellent solution. And while your parents might be willing to buy used or cheaper models, the fact of the matter is that many of these outdoor sports are even more enjoyable with the newest and best equipment. For adult children who are looking for ways to repay their parents for happy childhood days, the gift of a high end kayak will encourage your parents to stay fit at the same time it sends the message of your gratefulness.
The thing about getting older is that your parents now actually have the time to enjoy a gift that encourages them to get out into nature and enjoy their surroundings. Whether you are looking for the best fishing cooler to accompany that rotomolded kayak that you gave as a gift last year or you are looking for stand up paddleboards so your mom and her friends can attend those water yoga classes, gifts that promote physical well being are always a good investment.
Consider some of these facts and figures about water sporting equipment and its growing popularity:

  • The statistics from 2014 indicate that Americans went on 38,872,000 kayak fishing outings that year.
  • Having the right equipment can make every sporting adventure more enjoyable. Finding the best kayaks and paddleboards, for instance, might mean that even your parents will love this healthy outdoor activity.
  • Estimates indicate that the number of fishermen and anglers in the U.S. has reached 49.81 million.

  • Paddle boards promote not only aerobic health, but also balance and core strength.
  • Every grandparent has the ability to introduce their grandsons and granddaughters to healthy, outdoor activities.
  • Realizing that time in the outdoors can promote both good mental and physical health is reason enough to consider kayak and paddleboard gifts.
  • Fishing has long been an activity that generations of family members have enjoyed. Kayaking is simply a new twist on an old favorite.
  • Estimates indicate that as of July 2015, 29% of paddle fishermen reported using a sit-inside kayak during their fishing trips.
  • Can you imagine your parents enjoying an early morning kayak ride after they have had their coffee and breakfast?
  • The number of youth fishing participants in America has reached 10.69 million. Is your grandchild one of them?

  • Gving presents that are both thoughtful and promote healthy living is a great idea.
  • It is likely that many of the members of the younger generation were introduced to kayak fishing by grandparents who were hoping to encourage healthy outdoor activities, far from gaming consoles and cell phones.
  • Father’s Day is a ways off, but Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have your gifts ready?
  • Taking time to pay your parents back for all of their hard work is a perfect gift!

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