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Teachers are generally beloved for the work they do in their communities, but that work is often underpaid and underappreciated by many. However, many organizations and individuals care about the teachers in their areas and want to help them. This is true of the AC Charity Golf Classic, which is showcased in the news clip in this video. The AC Charity Golf Classic is a yearly event put on by Anthony Calhoun of Indianapolis’s WISH-TV station. Dozens of local sports stars come out to play and raise money, all of which goes to the charity Teacher’s Treasure.

The participants in the tournament were all there to express their love of teachers and help them in ways that only they could. One golfer stated that he actually used to be a teacher, so he knew exactly what it was like and wanted to help. All of these athletes got together on a gorgeous day to show off their skills and use them to raise a tremendous amount of money. This camaraderie and public exhibition are what really brought people out to watch. Even the best golf simulator program can’t replicate the feeling of a warm day on the course. With spirits high and a show to watch, people pulled out their wallets and gave freely.

At the end of the day, the AC Charity Golf Classic had raised a hundred and seventy thousand dollars, which was a new record. Over the years, the Classic has raised over a million dollars in total, all going to Teacher’s Treasure, which uses the money to provide much-needed school supplies to teachers and students in need in Marion County. These supplies are all free to the recipients.

Teachers are known to be underpaid in many places. And their schools are underfunded, often lacking essential supplies. Since the school isn’t providing the things they need to provide their students with the best education possible, many teachers take it upon themselves to purchase supplies for their classroom with their own money. While this is extremely generous and typical of the type of giving, supportive personality that goes into teaching, it does leave the teacher bringing home even less money than they had before. Organizations like Teacher’s Treasures take that burden off of teachers. While the schools should have the funding to provide classrooms with everything they need, this isn’t the current reality. Teacher’s Treasures fills in that gap until that need can be met in a way that doesn’t take money from the teachers.

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