Are You in the Process of Planning a REally Big Graduation Party?

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A cold cereal bar.
A hot oatmeal bar.
A fresh fruit bar.
A coffee bar.
A pancake and fresh toppings buffet.
It is an unusual brunch menu, but you promised your daughter that if she earned a full ride scholarship to college, she could have any kind of party that she wanted. When both your daughter and her best friend achieved these goals there were actually row sets of parents who were doubly motivated to host a great celebration!
Although it was easy for the two high school graduates to come up with a menu, the real challenge occurred in finding the right place from the surrounding available party venues. Interestingly enough, there are a number of both private and public golf courses that serve as great venues for for everything from weddings to graduations to reunions and anniversaries.
From the most unique wedding places to the quaint little l

Romantic Wedding Places Country Club Weddings

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Are you currently engaged in a search for the perfect venue for your wedding? Well, if you or someone you know are looking for an elegant and versatile place for a wedding, you might be looking at hotels and restaurants in the city where your wedding will take place.

You might not be thinking of a golf course. That is usually considered only as a spot where you will someday play your best golf game, or watch a golf expo. But even though places such as a golf course probably don’t come to mind…maybe a golf club wedding should be considered.

Here are some reasons why country club weddings have become more popular recently, among the best places to have a wedding. Maybe it won’t be the place for you to have your best golf game ever, or even see more than one golf expo…but it could be the venue that is just perfect for your wedding celebration.

Beautiful Natural Settings
Golf courses are designed to take advantage of picturesque grounds. Continue Reading No Comments