What You Should Practice Before Your Swimming Classes

In the informative video, a swim class instructor guides viewers through essential techniques for adult learners keen on mastering swimming skills. Stressing the significance of consistent practice, and encouraging adults to approach exercises gradually, with a spotter, fosters an enjoyable learning experience rather than a daunting one. Classes can be intimidating, jumping at the opportunity and overcoming your fear is the first step to becoming a strong swimmer.

The video outlines six key swimming skills for adults to practice before and after swimming classes. Progressive dips help individuals get comfortable breathing underwater progressively.

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Walking Bobs involves coordinated arm sweeps, breaths, and backward movement in a breaststroke fashion. The front float and recovery focus on maintaining a stable face-down position in the water and efficiently recovering arms.

Furthermore, swimming classes introduce floating techniques beneficial for beginners. The front float involves controlled breathing and relaxation, while the back float can be practiced with support from a noodle or a spotter. The front glide with recovery combines pushing off, kicking feet, and a recovery technique to return to a standing position.

These skills, recommended as warm-ups during swimming practice, contribute not only to building confidence but also to enhancing overall swimming abilities. An instructor’s guidance aims to make the learning process enjoyable, empowering adults to develop proficiency in swimming through dedicated and structured practice.

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