Is a Cadence Sensor or Torque Sensor Better For Ebikes?

If you are wondering whether to buy a cadence sensor or a torque sensor for your Ebike, then watch this YouTube video. Ebike Escape explains the difference between the two and which one may be best for you.

A cadence sensor determines whether you are spinning the pedals, no matter how hard you are spinning or the gear.

Torque sensors sense how much pressure you are applying when pedaling. If you pedal faster then the harder the motor works.

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The torque sensor will take a little more effort and is more similar to a regular bike. The cadence sensor allows the rider to save their energy by simply spinning the pedals and the bike will do the work.

According to the YouTube video, one isn’t necessarily better than the other. It is all up to the rider and what they would prefer. Before purchasing one or the other, it is best to do your research and fully understand what you are buying so that you are completely satisfied. It is also good to take in the amount of effort you would like to put in. The cadence sensor will spin with zero effort and could be more ideal for someone that cannot exert a lot of effort.


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