Heartwarming surprise for devoted charity kitchen

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Our Big Kitchen in Bondi, Australia is a charity kitchen devoted to the community. The video Heartwarming Surprise for Devoted Charity Kitchen shows the heart behind the kitchen as we take a look at those who make Our Big Kitchen run day in day out. This time, however, the community has come together to help those behind the kitchen. Various contractors have decided to renovate the main OBK center of operations along with the owner’s own home kitchen.

Our Big Kitchen is currently pumping out 3,500 meals a week using portable fridge freezers but has lost funding from the government due to Covid 19. They were unable to update their kitchen and things have started to fall apart. However, the team still continued to fight through the best they could. They donate to hospitals, schools, and community centers to keep food on the table. Their goal is to make even more meals. This is where the community stepped in to help.

Executive Joinery updated the cabinets and doors in the kitchen. Their goal is to increase storage space to improve efficiency in the kitchen. New portable fridge freezers were also provided so that OBK could transport their food quickly and easily. Thorn and Thisle made OBK their own herb and veggie garden. Spectrum carpenters and St George Painting put on the final touches to bring the glow back to the charity kitchen. It came as a surprise to those working in Our Big Kitchen as contractors came in and replaced appliances and various other things that were run down.

In the owner’s homes Crown Electrical Solutions, Rab’s Plumbing, Versatile, St George Painting, and Freedom Kitchens came together to renovate their home kitchen. Our Big Kitchen was started in Rabbi Slavin and his wife Leah in their own home. Over time, they grew their operation more and more and their kitchen started taking a toll. Even after they moved OBK to a new space, the couple wasn’t able to renovate their own kitchen. The contractors listed above came together for a complete makeover. They provided appliances free of charge to go along with new cabinets, floors, and lighting. The entire project was complete in under 11 hours which some thought would be an impossible task.

A fantastic job was done by every single person who took part in the project. The herb and veggie garden is a fantastic resource for Our Big Kitchen to use for their cooking. Happiness was brought to the OBK team as they look at their new kitchen and continue on their journey to supply meals to everyone.

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