3 Tips to Having a Great First Day at a Shooting Range

Written by Recreation Magazine on December 1st, 2017. Posted in Shooting range

shooting rangeWith more than 38 million Americans hunting and fishing actively, it’s safe to say hunting is a popular national pastime. However, you can’t leap into something like pheasant hunting or any form of a rifle usage without first getting some practice in. It takes a great amount of skill to shoot well.

Many potential hunters turn to locations like shooting ranges to learn their basic skills, or to sporting clays to sharpen their accuracy for moving targets. But if you’ve never been to a shooting range before, you might not know what to expect and might be a little nervous. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind to keep yourself calm and composed during your firearm practice:

The Four Rules of Gun Safety

Every range has its own set of rules they expect you to follow, but here are the four basic rules you should be following at all times.

  1. All guns should be treated as if they are fully loaded.
  2. Your muzzle should never cover anything you don’t want to destroy.
  3. Your finger should remain off of the trigger until your sights are on your target.
  4. You should always be sure of your target and what lies beyond it.

You should always practice the four basic rules of gun safety, whether you’re at a shooting range or not. You should have learned these rules at a basic firearm course, but you need to forever keep them in mind.

Follow The Range Commands

There are a lot of commands that can differ between ranges, but they usually focus on letting you know when it’s okay to shoot. A command like “hot” means that it’s okay to shoot, but “cold” or “ceasefire” means that you don’t touch the weapons until the “hot” phase comes back. The range officer (RO) is the ruler of the range. Don’t try to argue with them, and don’t talk back. These trained professionals are on-site to keep you and those around you safe.

There will be some range time that allows you to go down range and mess with targets, but make sure that you double check with the RO about it. Once you have done so, make sure that it is not the “hot” phase when you return, and keep your attention on the RO’s commands. If you’re uncertain, ask around about what the commands mean.

Make Friends: Ask About Guns

Shooting range-goers love guns, more often than not. Get them talking about theirs, make them show you all the neat little things. They’ll be happy to talk about their collections, and you should be happy to listen. You might find yourself making friends.

Those are the basic tips for your average shooting range first day. Just make sure you follow the rules of gun safety, and the Range Officer’s commands, and everything will go smoothly.

Gearing Up to Go How Outdoor Adventuring Can Change Your Life

Written by Recreation Magazine on July 14th, 2016. Posted in Fishing tackle, Shooting range, Sports stores in tampa

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No matter what your favorite hobbies are, there is something to be said for taking it to the great outdoors. Even those who would rather sit in an air conditioned building, or go shopping, or revel in the excitement of everything that a city has to offer, when given the opportunity to experience the peace and beauty that nature has to offer, it is hard not to appreciate it. And for those who are ready to jump right in to everything that could possibly be seen, explored, or experienced on a great outdoor adventure, it will be hard to be disappointed, especially if all the preparations have been made and all of the equipment is stocked up, packed, and ready to be used.

From archery shop to climbing gear stores
Depending of course on the type of adventure you are looking to e