A Look At Boating In The United States

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From the arctic cat dealer to the pontoon boat dealer, boat sales and used boats for sale have risen considerably in recent years, from used boats for sale to brand new ones (such as the ones that can be found at your nearest arctic cat dealer). In fact, aside from used boats for sale, the sale of power boats alone jumped up as much as six to seven percent in the year of 2016 alone, let alone the sales of other more commonly purchased boats (such as used boats for sale). On top of this, the boating industry as a whole has soared up, with total industry sales rising as much as ten to eleven percent when all was said and done – all within that same year. This can be attributed to the fact that boating has become a hobby that is enjoyed by many all throughout the country, with people from all different backgrounds and from all different demographics enjoying their time out on the water. Where boating wa

4 Steps to Take When Buying a Used Pontoon Boat

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Used boat for sale in michigan

People in the United States love to spend time on the water. The vast majority of people in this country live within about an hour’s drive from a waterway. In terms of the economic impact of the recreational boating industry, every year, it adds more than $121.5 billion. This figure includes direct, indirect, and induced spending. At least 650,000 jobs have been created, directly and indirectly by this industry. It is responsible for the creation of about 35,000 small businesses. Many people are on the lookout for pontoon boats for sale. If you are looking for this kind of used boat for sale, there are some things you can do to get the right one.