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Keep Your Boat Floor Looking As Sharp As Your Boat

Written by Recreation Magazine on September 18th, 2018. Posted in Boat flooring options, Carpet For Boats, Marine grade carpet

Over time everything gets dirty, this is simply a fact of life. Even a boat, that sees so much of its life on the ocean does not escape the elements. One of the dirtiest parts of a boat can be the marine carpet. With people walking along inside of your boat there is shoe residue and paraphernalia from fish and everything else that is placed down within your boat on your boat flooring. These carpets could use marine carpet replacement every few years. Purchasing new boat carpet kits is imperative to keeping your boat in shape and being able to proudly display your boat to all of your friends. Did you know that over the course of your boats life you will probably only have to spend 10% on the up keep of your boat that you spent on the vessel as a whole? This is why keeping the carpet up to shape is an important one. But what exactly happens after you buy new boat carpet kits? How do you install these things and how d