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Body Armor Should Always Be An Important Consideration

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Body armor should be a requirement for our law enforcement officers. With the number of police who are harmed every year while protecting and serving, the pressure is now on law enforcement safety to require that all officers have tactical gear to protect them while they are out making our neighborhoods safe for us. Over the past decade the lives of thousands of officers have been saved due to the body armor they have chosen to wear. What types of body armor are there for our officers and what suits them best in their on-the-go, dangerous lifestyles?

Body armor generally comes in two different designs.

There are covert vests that go underneath their clothing. These vests are completely concealed, so it is not always obvious when officers are wearing this sort of bulletproof body armor. The construction and design of these covert vests make it so that the officer can move around safely without being weighed down by the heaviness of their vests. The s

Are You Looking for a Self Defense Class That Also Provides a Good Workout?

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In an attempt to stay fit and have fun while doing it there are a number of classes that are seeing an increase. From Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) to yoga to kids martial arts classes, there are many fitness centers and clubs that are thrilled with their latest enrollment numbers.
Whether you are interested in finding out the benefits of kickboxing classes or you want to explore the self empowerment that can by attending a BJJ class, it is always in your best interest to pursue an activity that encourages you to stay active. In a time when the nation’s obesity rates continue to be alarming, it is difficult to fault any business that is trying to get people away from their screens and onto their feet. Martial arts classes like BJJ might be especially popular right now as women continue to look for a way to protect themselves. As report after report indicates that another woman has been threatened while she is in a parking