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The Jersey Epitomizing Team Sports

Written by Recreation Magazine on October 22nd, 2017. Posted in Custom marlins jersey, Phillies jerseys, Royals jersey

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Children have the fantastic opportunity to participate in an activity that builds teamwork, self-esteem, skill sets, and confidence. Sports. Hockey, softball, football, basketball…sports helps bring people, especially young children, together. That starts with the jersey.

It’s a conforming factor of all team sports: That colored pull-over with the team logo emblazoned on its shoulder and a number on its back. Unity and individuality. The player and the team. A part of–a larger pride and purpose. Working towards a common goal.

That jersey represents something larger than any individual player. It’s the statement of a team, the wins and losses, the identity, the practices, everything that has been put into work towards that goal of competing and competing well. It’s prideful to have a jerse