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Are You Looking for Unique Mother’s and Father’s Day Gifts?

Written by Recreation Magazine on April 20th, 2017. Posted in Fishing coolers for sale, Rotomolded kayak, The best in fishing kayaks

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The tables have turned. Now that you and your sister are both college graduates who are working at your first jobs and living in your first homes with your spouses, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have transformed a little. Instead of whispering with your mother or father to plan gifts and surprises for the other parent, it is now you and your sister making the plans. No longer needing to rely on the cash provided by one parent to buy gifts for the other, both you and your sibling have enjoyed the last few years of planning unique gifts yourself.
Your latest gift idea is to purchase a pair of rotomolded kayaks, one for your mom, the other for your dad. Because the two celebrations are a month apart, however, it has taken some inventive plotting to get the idea to work. In a brilliant solution, y