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4 Tips for Preventing Injuries on the Soccer Field

Written by Recreation Magazine on February 17th, 2017. Posted in How to teach soccer skills, Soccer training program, Summer soccer schools

How to learn soccer

Soccer is very popular among children and adolescents. It has been estimated that about 284,000 high school boys play the sport and 209,000 high school girls do. Some estimate that soccer is the fastest growing team sport in the United States. With all of the excitement that always accompanies the World Cup, it makes a lot of sense that people would get excited by the fast paced sport. Unfortunately, like all sports played in the country and around the world, kids can get injured playing it. In 2009, more than 88,000 kids aged five to 14 were seen in emergency rooms for injuries they sustained on the soccer field. While sports related injuries may seem like a right of passage, there are ways they can be prevented. Whether the sport is being played in an